The Kenya Rifles
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The Kenya Rifles
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1895.09.11 East Africa Rifles
formed in Kenya
1902.01.01 united with The Central Africa Regiment, and Uganda Rifles, to form The King's African Rifles

1963.12 The Kenya Rifles 
formed by redesignation of the Kenya Battalions of The King's African Rifles
pip Origins of the King's African Rifles, 1891-1902 (Funga Safari)
[1st Battalion] [1895-1902, 1963-present]
2nd Battalion [1963-present]
3rd Battalion [1963-present]
4th Battalion [19uu-present]
5th Battalion [1979-present]
6th Battalion [1980?-present]
50th Air Cavalry Battalion [1980?-present]
75th Battalion [1982-present]

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1964.03.19 Brig. A.J. Hardy, MBE
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