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Arkanoid Returns
Variation: Points [Normal Settings] [Default]
Platform: Arcade
Rules: Game Style: D
Monitor: Normal
Device: Sensor or Joystick
Attract Sound: With
Difficulty: Normal
Player Stock: 3
Continue Play: With/With-Out
Coin-A: Operator's Choice
Coin-B: Operator's Choice

Special Rules: No continues are permitted!

 Rank% ScorePointsPlayerDateVerifiedVerification Method
HyperLink 1 100.00 % 1,589,770 Zachary B Hample 06/05/2000Referee
HyperLink 2 57.09 % 907,640 Dwayne Richard 06/11/2004Referee
HyperLink 3 21.35 % 339,480 Jon Dworkin 06/05/2000Referee
HyperLink 4 7.48 % 118,860 Brian C Laskiewicz 06/05/2000Referee
HyperLink 5 4.34 % 69,040 Ron Corcoran 05/26/2001Referee
HyperLink 6 2.77 % 44,070 Brien King 05/26/2001Referee

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