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Macro TGP

Lesson #01 Introduction To Macro TGP
A Thumbnail Gallery Post is referred to as a TGP. A TGP is a site that lists links to individual gallery pages submitted by...

Lesson #02 Bulding Your Thumbnail Gallery
A thumbnail gallery page is one that is composed of several small images called thumbnails. Each thumbnail is...

Lesson #03 Hosting Your Galleries
The question for the gallery maker is where? Are you better served by having a gallery on a paid hosting account or...

Lesson #04 Basic Gallery Page Template
Your gallery can have any background or text colors you choose. You might want to rap your sponsor banners around...

Lesson #05 Submit Your Thumbnail Gallery
Once you have constructed your gallery and uploaded it to your server, you will be ready to submit it to TGP sites...

Lesson #06 TGP Submission Rules
If you read enough of the rules of the different TGP submission pages, you will see a pattern. The TGP site owner...

Lesson #07 Content For Your TGP Gallery
To make galleries, you need to have images for them. Even if you are the TGP owner, you will probably want to increase...

Lesson #08 Thumbnail Gallery Optimization
TGP sites have lots of rules about what they require in the galleries they list. For the TGP owner, their surfer's demands...

Lesson #09 Getting Your Gallery Out There
Time flies and now TGP traffic is the lifeblood of many a bank account of adult webmasters. Even those who run paysites...

Lesson #10 Tracking Your Gallery Traffic
Obtaining statistics about traffic on your gallery has never been easier. The adult Internet helped develop and...

Lesson #11 No Such Thing as Too Many
A gallery page can make you money. Sometimes a certain gallery with the right layout, content and appropriate sponsor...

Lesson #12 Resources for TGP Webmasters
Those who make galleries and those who serve Thumbnail Gallery Posts to the adult Internet have available to them innumerable...

Lesson #13 TGP Software and Services
There are some amazing software programs and paid services for the TGP webmaster. You can same huge amounts...

Lesson #14 TGP Traffic Quality
As you know, traffic is defined as the amount of hits or visits you receive on your page. Everybody wants traffic and lots...

Lesson #15 Should You Build a TGP?
If (as a TGP gallery builder/submitter) you've felt a touch of envy for the life of a TGP site owner, you're not alone. A successful...

Lesson #16 The Fake TGP
Building, marketing and maintaining a TGP is a lot of work. The most prosperous Thumbnail Gallery Post sites are updated daily...

Lesson #17 The Mind of the TGP Site Owner
Thumbnail Gallery Post owners are mysterious beasts. No two are alike yet they are all the same. Each one has their own rules...

Lesson #18 More Unspoken Laws of TGP
It would be impossible to completely list each idiosyncratic dictum TGP owners have because there are thousands of TGPs...

Lesson #19 Text VS Banner Ads
Do you find your galleries don't get listed very often? Maybe your galleries are being listed but the surfers aren't clicking on your...

Lesson #20 Effective Application of Text Advertising
Sex aside, you are ultimately in the advertising business. The long understood truth in advertising is that the product changes...

Lesson #21 Banner Advertising Basics
The term "Banner Blindness" comes from a study by the Center for Media Research. Surfers use websites in different ways...

Lesson #22 Search Engine Optimization
The webmaster who makes their living from TGP galleries will create and submit hundreds of pages a year. He or she depends...

Lesson #23 Paid Listing Basics
Making a quality gallery is a skill. If you want to make money from galleries, you’re going to have to learn how to build one which...

Lesson #24 Stressing the Rules
TGP site owners control the ebb and flow of gallery traffic. If you want to your gallery to be listed, you have to bend to their...

Lesson #25 Build a Routine
At the moment there are literally hundreds of individual TGP link sites, which list submitted pages made by gallery building webmasters...


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