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Pin-up girls Yinling of Joytoy, Yoko Kamon have intimates bared after MPD file leak

Yingling of Joytoy.
Yingling of Joytoy.

Yinling of Joytoy, pin-up model, actress and sometime professional wrestler, has been at the center of a scandal currently rocking the Metropolitan Police Department, according to Flash (7/3).

Over 1.6 gigabytes of highly classified police information was leaked onto the Winny shareware program and spread across the Internet, including a statement Yinling made following a series of threats made to her in the summer of 2003.

Yinling's management are furious.

"What's made the leak worse for us is that we discovered the complaint we'd filed with the police and what the cops had actually written up were totally at odds. Reading the police report it's as though they've got no idea why we made the complaint," the president of Yinling's talent agency tells Flash. "What made it worse is that when we found out about the leak and called the police station, the cops just told us that they couldn't talk about the case and had enough problems of their own with the leak without having to deal with the problems being suffered by others."

Despite the problems caused by the unexpected disclosure of her dealings with the long arm of the law, 29-year-old Yinling still got off easy. She could have suffered the same fate as another pin-up queen and now actress, Yoko Kamon, who the leak revealed has been officially named by the MPD as a yakuza gang boss's moll.

Yingling of Joytoy.
Yingling of Joytoy.

Kamon is one of eight lovers of yakuza members whose identities were revealed in the leaked documents, as were another two actresses who Flash identifies only as S and M.

Kamon, 27, now finds her admittedly flagging career in the entertainment world hanging by a thread. She's already been through a few problems since beginning her career in the mid-'90s with a series of sexy swimsuit and nude shots, and later becoming embroiled in a number of drug-related cases. She's since settled down as an actress, but the leak appears to have revealed a darker side of her past. As well as being labeled a yakuza moll by the police, records of a yakuza gang boss's travels showed that she also went with him to Hong Kong in August 2000.

An entertainment world insider who knows Kamon well is furious at the cops.

"The cops have been horrendous with this case. She hasn't done anything illegal, but they're still keeping a record of her activities. I'm certain she'd deny whatever is being written in the records," the insider tells Flash. "Still, even if she was once going out with a yakuza boss, it was a long time ago and shouldn't really matter now."

Yingling of Joytoy.
Yingling of Joytoy.

It may matter, as the entertainment world is supposed to be shunning the underworld. Many observers, however, say the leaks are proof of cozy ties between the yakuza and Japanese showbiz.

Kamon's handlers are non-committal about the case.

"It was a long time ago and we can't find out for sure what happened. Yoko's saying that there was nothing in it. She says she met a gang boss and that was it. She was never a yakuza moll, or anything like that. And she's not shook up over the case at all," a spokesman from her talent agency says. "Mind you, she is surprised by all the media attention given to her over the case. Did she go to Hong Kong with a gang boss? We haven't confirmed it. But it was a long time ago, anyway."

Flash (7/3)
Flash (7/3)

Kamon was only of only three actresses police are keeping tabs on for their alleged link to the yakuza. Both these actresses, the mysterious S and M, are also recorded by the police as having made overseas trips with the yakuza. It won't matter for S at least, as she appears to have washed her hands of showbiz.

"We don't know whether she had gang ties. She certainly didn't behave like that," a spokesman for S's old talent agency tells Flash. "She got married last year and retired from the entertainment world. We haven't got a clue what she's doing with herself now." (By Ryann Connell)

(Mainichi Japan) June 22, 2007


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