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x 1. Martin Luther's Tombstone

A bronze plate with a life size depiction of Luther with Bible and the Family Crest (the Luther Rose) is located behind Luther's tomb on the south wall. This is a recasting presented to the Church by the Cloister in Loccum in 1872. The original, cast in 1547 by Heinrich Ziegler in Erfurt, remained in Jena throughout the turmoil of the Schmalkaldan War.

x 2. Epitaph for Henning Goeden

Directly to the right is located "The Coronation of Mary", a bronze plate created in 1521 by Peter Fischer the Younger, a founder from Nuremburg. A work of great aesthetic merit, the plate is the tombstone for Henning Goden, Jurist and last Catholic Provost of the Castle Church.

translated by: Prof. Timothy Bennett

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