Cherry Juice Volume 1

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Cherry Juice Volume 1 
  T  Romance
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Cherry Juice Volume 1

In this awkward love-triangle between two step- siblings, -Otome and Minami- and a best friend, Amane, the three are trapped in a web of love. After getting along for five years, Otome and Minami's peaceful relationship takes a turn in the wrong direction when Amane confesses his love to Otome. What will Otome do?
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loved it!

04:02 PM, 10.23.2007

Ohhh cool, loved the 'Instant Teen' series. This should be good since it's by the same author.

07:21 PM, 10.22.2007

bought it...read it....loved it.....now i have to wait for volume 2 till january : (

11:35 AM, 10.22.2007

O_O Interesting can't wait to read it but forst I am gonna finish Fruits basket before I start any other manga.

11:49 AM, 10.21.2007

OOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see!!!!!!

09:01 AM, 10.21.2007

Sounds like a good book. I might check it out.

08:03 PM, 10.20.2007

i read it its really good

11:09 AM, 10.20.2007

CAN'T WAIT I LOVE CHERRYJUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pop*

10:57 AM, 10.20.2007

i read the first few chapters on youtube but there wasn't a chapter ten i could view. does anyone know why?

10:39 AM, 10.20.2007

oooohhh i wanna read it looks gd!

12:57 AM, 10.20.2007

sounds interesting

05:10 PM, 10.19.2007

that was a good book!!! I borrowed from a friend!! What now!!!

03:20 PM, 10.19.2007

this is a great book remided me of angel sanctuary but with more intensity but its really good!

02:48 PM, 10.19.2007

oooh i love this so much!! its really cutee... kinda weird but i still like it.

08:20 PM, 10.18.2007

yes! I love this one! The story keeps you ggoing, and yes, as soon as it's over, you want to fall all over it again. I can't wait til' the next one! ^_^

11:53 AM, 10.18.2007

aww... i wanted to read this one too... is this the same author/ artist as "Instance Teen" ot something like that ????

11:04 AM, 10.17.2007

i have another book from this auther

08:33 AM, 10.17.2007

sounds a bit like Angel Sanctuary because of the sibling thing. *shrugs* maybe I'll go pick it up

07:21 AM, 10.15.2007

ace! gotta read it!

05:12 AM, 10.15.2007

Don't worry, it's not yaoi nor yuri.

10:58 PM, 10.14.2007

so is it romance, yaoi, or yuri? I won't get it if it's yuri or yaoi

07:10 PM, 10.14.2007

nevr heard of it.

04:36 PM, 10.14.2007

WRANING!!! IF YOU want to Watch it go to youtube and type it in . It's mega good!!!!!!1

08:31 AM, 10.14.2007

this manga is abbbsolutely amazing!

04:54 AM, 10.14.2007


12:50 AM, 10.14.2007

omg its sounds amazing im sooo buying it!

10:01 AM, 10.13.2007

i want to read ut

09:57 AM, 10.13.2007

omg i JUST got done reading this book it was awsomeness totaly in my top favs...but it's not supused 2 end there no no no when does the next 1 come out??? I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!!!!! hurry up and finish it cuz i'll love u 4ever and always XD....>.> plz

01:15 PM, 10.12.2007

I love this manga...I read it all in one sitting =)

11:34 AM, 10.12.2007

I do want to read it to but not much

05:05 PM, 10.11.2007

kyaa i really wanna read this manga it looks hot and interesting

03:49 PM, 10.11.2007

I love this manga!^^

06:12 PM, 10.10.2007

This was so nice

05:12 PM, 10.10.2007

this story is so cute!

08:07 AM, 10.10.2007

i lov this story its reaally cute!

03:41 PM, 10.09.2007

im going to read this book,,,,,it look cute

01:17 PM, 10.09.2007

i want to read an watch it...

12:33 PM, 10.09.2007

hmm... interesting...

09:44 PM, 10.08.2007

they have the chaperts at mangavolume.com

02:26 PM, 10.08.2007


11:40 AM, 10.07.2007

vewyyyyyyyyyy intowesting heheheh me want toread it now!!!!!!!

10:43 AM, 10.07.2007

oh wow i want to read it

08:17 PM, 10.06.2007

looks cool! i want it!!

07:21 PM, 10.06.2007

i've read the Instant Teen books too^.^ they're great! i think i read a few pages of this actually....hmmm.. i still wanna read itt!!

07:10 PM, 10.06.2007


07:09 PM, 10.06.2007

xD i read a few vol. of this its GOOD in a pervy way ?^^

02:16 PM, 10.06.2007

i've read Haruka Fukushima's Instant Teen: Just add nuts they were awsome can't wait to read this one!

09:44 AM, 10.06.2007

I must have it!When does it come out?!

07:42 AM, 10.06.2007

oooooooooh! can't wait!!

09:46 PM, 10.05.2007


09:18 PM, 10.05.2007

looks rlly familiar.. the art.. well i luv it! i'll buy it! wen does it come out?

05:20 PM, 10.05.2007

This book rocks!!! its one of the coolist ever!!^_^

04:35 PM, 10.05.2007

Oh! Haruka! I'm a fan of Instant Teen: Just Add Nuts...I'm gonna check this one out. ^.^

02:44 PM, 10.05.2007

this sound like an awsome story yay! im gonna go get it yay

01:42 PM, 10.05.2007

this sound like an awsome story yay! im gonna go get it yay!^^

01:35 PM, 10.05.2007

mUsT.....gEt......bOoK.......nOw...... @......@

08:50 PM, 10.04.2007

haruka fukushima's mangas are very nice, art, story , charsters, i just love tham all. ~_^

10:49 AM, 10.02.2007

it was one of the best books ive read in awhile, i was suprised by the story line at first, but then i thought, wow, a story like this could only be betrayed this well by the wonderful author Haruka Fukushima with such detail in the art work as in the story as well.

10:09 PM, 09.30.2007

This series is awesome! I love the drawings and the storyline! I also like the author! If you like this series, you should read "Instant Teen! Just Add Nuts" by the same author. Also, I went to Amazon and found the release date for the 2nd volume, it's January 8, 2008. So looooong! DX

09:54 AM, 09.29.2007

Its a good book I love it!!^_^

08:55 AM, 09.29.2007

This looks fun!!!^^ I WANT IT!!!

06:20 PM, 09.26.2007

the second one needs to go on sale already, or at lease tell us when its coming out.

08:17 PM, 09.25.2007

this manga sounds really kool. I can't wait to get it!!!^_^

09:00 PM, 09.24.2007

I love this series since reading online scans of it >_< I got the 1st volume now can't wait for the 2nd the 3rd adn the 4th!!

07:05 AM, 09.23.2007

OMG!!! i cant wait for this book to come out since i already read da online scans

02:24 AM, 09.22.2007

this manga it to cute

04:58 PM, 09.21.2007

it sounds really cool

03:33 PM, 09.20.2007


11:50 AM, 09.19.2007

can't wait to read. Wonder if it's like CROSSROAD??

10:57 AM, 09.19.2007


02:46 PM, 09.17.2007

This looks so sweet I cant wait till I go buy it! I luv the artist too!

10:15 AM, 09.17.2007


10:12 AM, 09.17.2007

i guess this manga is a sure fire hit because its about love you know... i'm really looking forward for it...

06:09 PM, 09.16.2007

Sounds interesting!!

04:13 PM, 09.16.2007

if you go to www.stoptazmo.com OR www.mangavolume.com you can read up to chapter 13 or 14. its really good.

03:38 PM, 09.16.2007

i like it! maybe i should get a copy too!

07:45 AM, 09.16.2007

Looks interesting, I'll try to get a copy. ;]

07:36 PM, 09.15.2007

I love this series! It is awesome!! >< My friends sent it to me so I'm on volume 2 or 3 but it is GREAT!

02:19 PM, 09.15.2007

kawaii desuka? ^^

02:12 PM, 09.15.2007

XD this is a good manga i like it! ^.^

07:36 AM, 09.15.2007

Looks cool

07:07 AM, 09.15.2007

Is it considered a romantic/comedy?

05:20 AM, 09.15.2007

You'll find that the quality of TOKYOPOP's release of Cherry Juice is MUCH higher than what you'll find at the previously mentioned site, both in accuracy and readability.

02:35 AM, 09.15.2007

This looks really good! and haha Slidheart thanks for the site! ^^

10:13 PM, 09.14.2007

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! (that is if u r interested..lol) For those of u who haven't read this series yet, i have stared reading it, and its really good! soo.. dont' give it a second thought, and read it as soon as possible! :D P.S. if u really want to start reading the series b4 u get the book, there is this website u can go and read the 1st 12 chapter 4 free w/o having to download anything ^_6. which it is... "mangarun.com" P.P.S. annnddd yeah... i know its kinda illegall.. but what the heck! nobody ever follows the so called "rules" these days...lol.. x_x i hope u all enjoy it! O_o lol...

08:32 PM, 09.14.2007

The art is nice...it looks good. Can't wait to read it.

08:25 PM, 09.14.2007

I thiink this is going to be a good series, but I would have to disagree with the comment that del rey doesn't have hardly any good series- they have quite a few good series, tokyo's list is quite a bit larger to pull from for good series

08:06 PM, 09.14.2007

ohohoh I think I like itI want it!

06:51 PM, 09.14.2007

Im so excited to read this one! It looks interesting. I cant wait!

07:42 PM, 09.11.2007

Yay! More Haruka Fukushima! It makes me very glad that Tokyopop does still license some things and not just pump out random crap (not saying all OEL's are crap, but I have only found one storyline I've liked so far) and that her stuff happens to be some of that stuff.

07:59 PM, 09.09.2007

YOU GUYSSS FINALLY HAVEE ITT!!! after reading some of it on tokyopop germany i thought you guys were never going to have it!! good job from finally translationg it from..japanese to german to english.!!!

06:23 PM, 09.07.2007

i've read the japanese version. very good! i recomend it!

04:11 PM, 08.18.2007

This manga has a cute story and the art is very nice. Be sure to check it out!

09:23 PM, 08.17.2007

oh.ehm.gee this is so weird kyahahahahahah im bored i wanna read it but i dont wana order

08:20 AM, 08.14.2007

ohhh i like the cover of the usa version better than the japanese version.. This is a very cute story ^^

01:52 PM, 08.07.2007

awwww, no yaoi.........T.T

02:28 PM, 07.28.2007

WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? i mean i understand that Amane likes this Otome person, soo why is there any trouble? unless, this Otome person likes Minami.........or there all guys and they like each other! yeah yaoi!! >.

02:27 PM, 07.28.2007

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