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SuicideGirls Wants us to Go Away read letter>>

Ex-Suicidegirls Take it in the Proverbial Ass.

The drama surrounding the alternative porn pin-up site,, has been well documented and often lampooned in the great and mighty blogosphere. The model accusations have been dismissed by many, with the help of heavily moderated forums, as the ramblings of histrionic ladies and mischievous termagants. However, recent developments involving the resale of model images for use on hardcore sites like have gone a long way to qualifying the disillusionment of these models and peeling back the foreskin on the dark side of the pink empire.

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Reader Submitted Updates
How to Get Archived: SG101

After sending the folks at SG a direct request to get archived and getting no response, Aeres decided to post her opinion about the reselling of SG images to hardcore themed porn sites. This resulted in Big Brother archiving her immediately.

Immediately after archiving Aeres they also had a new set of hers go "live". Oddly enough, even though it was put up on 9/11, suicidegirls has it dated 8/10 - it just seems that no one commented on it for nearly a month.

Peculiar, eh?

Missy Suicide: Hypocritical Much?

When everything about Olivia Suicide was removed from the site, including her naked image, Missy had this to say:

Sometimes people just need their privacy. I think everyone has felt that way on occassion. It is hard to be in the public eye and for personal reasons she is taking a bit of a break from it. Please respect her wishes.

This "respect" seems to not to apply to anyone but Olivia, certainly not any of the girls in the archive that requested to be removed from the site.

Myspace Queen For A Day

"Miss Nix" won the SuicideGirl's myspace "Queen of the Week" contest. Her prize? A complimentary membership to the Site. This prize was revoked without notification by SG. Upon inquiry, she was informed that it was revoked because they noticed "a lot of negativity" in her posts.