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LEGO Rolls Out the Jawa Sandcrawler on June 15
June 02, 2005

[ LEGO Rolls Out the Jawa Sandcrawler on June 15 ]
[ LEGO Rolls Out the Jawa Sandcrawler on June 15 ]
It seems the Jawas of the LEGO universe have finally scavenged enough plastic bricks to put together their own sandcrawler. That's right -- LEGO will be releasing the hotly anticipated Jawa Sandcrawler set for pre-order on their website starting June 15!

"Fans have been asking for a sandcrawler since we introduced LEGO Star Wars in 1999," says LEGO Global Partnerships and Alliances Director Jay Bruns. "We have had a few varieties of models that we've built internally, but this is the first time that we've put one into production."

The LEGO Sandcrawler consists of 1,669 pieces, and features the introduction of the LEGO Jawa figure -- three in fact. Other figures include Owen Lars, R2-D2, C-3PO, R5-D4, ASP droid, gonk droid, Treadwell droid, and R1-G4.

Additional features will include:

  • Functioning steering mechanism for the rear wheels
  • Treads on wheels for smooth motion
  • Removable crane for moving droids
  • Opening hatch revealing the inside of the sandcrawler
  • Opening cockpit for a driver
  • Removable center section to reveal a sandcrawler 'control room'

The screen mammoth translates to some rather robust dimensions in the LEGO universe as well. LEGO's sandcrawler will measure 15" long x 8" tall x 7.5" wide, scaled nicely to the mini figures that accompany the set. The packaging has returned the retro Original Trilogy Collection look that was established before Episode III, which should please fans of the vintage aesthetic.

"We've had a great time bringing the sandcrawler to life, continues Bruns. "We hope that the fans enjoy it." Judging by anticipation for this set, not even a restraining bolt is likely to hold back fans when LEGO offers them up later this month at their website.

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