River Crossings

Crossing OS Grid Reference Ferry Details Alternative Route
No river crossings
North Devon
River Torridge SS468303 As from 31/7/2007 the ferry no longer runs owing to the retirement of the ferryman. Continue walking to Bideford where there is a bridge over the river.
River Camel SW925756 All year, 15 minutes interval, not Sundays November--March It's an 11-mile round trip via Wadebridge to use the fixed crossing.
The Gannel SW789612 Fern Pit Ferry; end of May to mid September, 7 days a week There is a second ferry further inland. There is also a footbridge which can only be used at low tide.
Gillan Creek SW781254 A ferry operates from the boatyard at St. Anthony (Sailaway) between April and end of October at high tide. The creek can be crossed on spring tides 3 hours either side of low water. At neaps the crossing period is reduced to just 1 hour or less either side. The best place to cross is directly across the creek between the cottage on the rocks (Halamana) and St. Anthony. There are recently renovated stepping stones 400 yards west of St. Anthony which give about another hour crossing time at neaps. These can be very slippery and we know instances of people hurting themselves by falling off them.
Helford River SW762267 Good Friday to 31st October, hourly service Walking round the Helford Estuary is possible and is 12.75 miles (20Km)
Carrick Roads (Falmouth) SW830325 All year, weather permitting. Half-hour service in Summer, hourly in Winter Best option is taxi.
Percuil River SW854326 1st May until 30th September, half-hourly service It's possible to walk between Place House and St Mawes, details in the SWCPA Guide.
River Fowey SX125513 All year, approx 5 minute intervals The vehicle ferry at Bodinnick, then the Hall Walk to Polruan--definitely worth walking rather than using the passenger ferry!
River Tamar SX457537 All year, regular intervals
South Devon
Cattewater (Plymouth) SX490534 All year, 7 days a week A walking route round Sutton Harbour is described in the SWCPA Guide
River Yealm SX549480 April until September, on demand A walking route round the Yealm estuary is described in the SWCPA Guide.A bus service to Plymstock may be possible, or else use a taxi.
River Erme SX617476 No Ferry--paddle (to knee height) 1 hour each side of low tide. The SWCPA Guide has tide tables. Great care must be taken as heavy rain or seas can make the crossing dangerous. The old ford is not shown on modern OS maps but lies between reference 614 476 and 620 478 and connected the road by the row of coastguard cottages with the end of the inland road to Wonwell Beach from Kingston. A 7-mile (11Km) inland route is described in the SWCPA Guide
River Avon SX666439 May to early September (dates vary each year) Wading at low tide is possible when the sea is calm and the river is not in flood, but not recommended. You will have water up your thighs. Always use the ferry when it is working. An inland route marked Avon Estuary Walk is a pleasant 7-miles, otherwise use a taxi.
Salcombe--East Portlemouth SX743388 All year, continuous in Summer half-hourly in Winter
River Dart SX880512 All year, 12 minute interval in Winter, 6 minute interval in Summer There are two vehicle ferries as well as the passenger ferry.
River Teign SX937723 All year 20 minute service. Summer 7 days a week, Winter weekdays only A short inland detour to use the Shaldon road bridge.
River Exe (Starcross/Exmouth) SX987807 All year, 7 days a week Train to Exeter then to Exmouth, or same route by bus, or walk to Topsham to use the ferry there.
Poole Harbour SZ037868 All year vehicle and passenger ferry, 20 minute intervals

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