The Croxley Rail Link has a valuable role to play in access to the football ground and hospital. A new station on the Croxley Rail Link
to serve the football ground and hospital is a better option than refurbishing the station on Tolpits Lane, which is currently the
preferred choice of Watford Council's consultants.
A high quality bus service like that found in London will be essential for spectators, staff and hospital patients and visitors.
The consultants current plans are to take buses on a time consuming diversion through the new hospital site. This could put off passengers and potential passengers. Our report recommends providing high quality stops and facilities on Vicarage Road and
a service of at least eight buses per hour.
Take our public transport into the Premiership!”
“Now that Watford Football Club is the Premiership League it could mean a huge financial boost for the town. The experience of
Cardiff has shown that over 10% of people who visit for a sporting event come back for another visit. Shops, restaurants and the
theatre could all benefit – but only if Watford is an attractive place to come back to. A big part of that is getting easily around town
using pubic transport."  
The benefits to the environment from adopting Reg Harman's recommendations are clear:
An improved quality to the urban environment in west Watford as a result of reduced traffic congestion and Improved air quality
as a result of reduced traffic congestion (the area is in a hollow so is prone to poor levels of air quality).
In improving public transport to one key local facility (the Hospital) many other journeys could be made much easier and more
attractive by public transport including accessing Watford football ground (which is also in west Watford) and the shops at the
Lower High Street.
The retention of Oxhey park as a popular public open space and playing field, also the maintenance of the wildlife value of
Oxhey Park, including its role as a wildlife corridor along the river.
The retention of permeable areas on the flood plain rather than their replacement with a road surface
Health Campus
The future for Watford's hospital?
You can download reports from Reg Harman, an an expert transport consultant, showing what needs to be done to give the football ground and the planned new hospital development a first class transport service.
A wide range of transport issues are covered, including rail services, bus services, roads, cycling, walking and taxis.
The main findings of the the first report are:
Building the link road through Oxhey Park playing fields would lead to extra traffic between Bushey Arches/Lower High Street and
West Watford. This in turn would increase overall traffic in the Watford area including increased traffic on Dalton Way, bringing delays
to traffic to and from the the football ground and the new hospital development.
Terry Figg, transport campaigner
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