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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Surfer Girl interviews Logan Booker

I have interviewed Logan Booker, editor of the greatest ever Australian gaming blog, Kotaku Australia for an exclusive, thought-provoking interview, and I was interviewed by Logan Booker for an exclusive, thought-provoking interview.

Surfer Girl: Firstly, what inspired you to become a journalist covering the gaming industry?
Logan Booker: I feel into journalism actually. I was studying programming and project management. There was an opening for a sub editor on a print tech/gaming magazine that I read religiously. Went for the interview and got the job. That was five years ago.
SG: What do you think of Russell Crowe? Who is your favorite Australian actor?
LB: Hmmm... well I'm originally from New Zealand, so the Russell Crowe question is particularly apt.
SG: Russell Crowe is a New Zealander, really?
LB: Yes. I can't say I'm his number one fan... but he has done some good films. Like Romper Stomper and Gladiator, if you're a Scott fan.
SG: He struck me as the Bondi Beach type.
LB: Haha. Well, that's where all the Kiwis go when they move to Oz. Along with the Poms.
SG: Didn't he do something with the Bra Boys?
LB: He does a lot of things.
LB: As for my favourite actor, I was going to say Sam Neill, but he's a kiwi too. So I'll settle with Geoffrey Rush.
SG: I'm just going to say that I think Americans are right in our judgement about Russell's musical ability and I was actually going to weave Sam Neill into my question, ironically.
LB: Trust me, it's not an exclusive club.
SG: I have a friend in the record industry and they have told me that trends in mainstream Australian music are at least five years behind American and European music, do you agree with this statement?
LB: I don't listen to a lot of mainstream Australian music, say I can't really comment. I mostly listen to stuff like Howie Day and Josh Radin. But New Zealand has Bic Runga and Evermore.
SG: I've actually heard Evermore, I'm not going to say anything.
LB: [laughs]
SG: Also, I love Silverchair, would that allow me to pass off as cool in Oz?
LB: You'd be pretty cool, if behind the times.
SG: Alright, Australia created Nick Cave and the Bee Gees, I think that is quite a rebuttal.
LB: Yes, there's great music coming out of Oz.
SG: What do you think of The Chaser and John Safran? They are the only things in Australian pop culture that I really know of.
LB: I can't say I'm a fan of Safran, never really connected with me. As for The Chaser - I have yet to watch an episode. Haven't even checked out the YouTube of their APEC antics.
SG: When is the election down under?
LB: Well, it was called at the beginning of the week, so the actual day of voting should be Nov 24.
SG: Okay, what is your favorite game ever to come out of Australia?
LB: Does System Shock 2 count? If not, then probably Dark Reign or KKND. Haven't played Fury yet, but I'm hoping it'll slot in there somewhere.
SG: I don't have any more questions, so I guess that should bring this interview to a close. Thank you for your time.


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