Life Flight Network - Portland Oregon helicopter and fixed wing medical transport service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Life Flight Network?

Life Flight Network (LFN) is a not-for-profit medical transport service provided by a consortium of Oregon Health & Science University, Legacy Health System, and Providence Health System. All are dedicated to improving patient outcomes by providing helicopter and fixed-wing airplane support to seriously ill or injured patients in a safe and timely manner.

Where are Life Flight Network aircraft based?

The Life Flight Network helicopters are based at the Hillsboro airport, 10 miles west of Portland, OR, and at the Aurora airport, 15 miles south of Portland. They are fully staffed and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The helicopters are generally airborne within 5 minutes of the activation request. The Aero Commander airplanes are based at Hillsboro Airport. They are twin engine pressurized turbo prop airplanes and can be airborne within 30 minutes of activation. Availability of service cannot always be guaranteed due to weather conditions or commitment to another transport.

Who calls Life Flight Network?

Agencies authorized to call Life Flight Network include law enforcement and rescue agencies, fire departments, ambulance services, hospitals, physicians and other 911-designated authorities. These agencies assess the needs of the patient and arrange a safe landing zone for the helicopter.

What is the Life Flight Network Membership Program?

LFN's Membership Program is a membership plan designed to benefit patients who are transported by LFN under medically necessary circumstances. If a patient is a member, LFN will accept an insurance settlement (if any) as payment in full. LFN Membership benefits do not include any coverage for ground ambulance transportation associated with the flight. There is no direct charge or out-of-pocket expense to the member if flown by helicopter or fixed wing airplane under medically necessary conditions. LFN flies patients on the basis of medical need, not membership status.

What types of equipment does Life Flight Network carry on board?

Life Flight Network is fully equipped as a mobile critical care unit with the ability to perform a multitude of highly skilled medical functions during transport. Each helicopter is equipped with over $400,000 worth of state-of-the-art medical equipment and carries 3 units of blood for emergency transfusions. The Bell 430 helicopter has the capability to transport two patients.

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