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Coke tube and wrench

.45/410 Models include removable choke Tube and wrench. * Not for sale in California.

Manual Firing Pin Selector

Manual Firing Pin Selector.

NOTE: All Thompson/Center Rifles and Pistols are packaged with complete instructions. These instructions must be read before using the firearm. Consumers who purchase Thompson/Center firearms (new or used) and do not receive this material should write to our factory. The proper literature will be sent to them free of charge. Specify serial number.


ACTION: Single shot, break open design (by use of trigger guard)
BARREL: Interchangeable by use of a removable barrel/frame hinge pin. Button rifled. Drilled & tapped for T/C scope mounts.
TRIGGER: Adjustable for overtravel.
HAMMER: Wide grooves in hammer spur for positive grip. Equipped with external manual firing pin selector - allowing the shooter to use rimfire and centerfire barrels on the same frame.
GRIP AND FOREND: Ambidextrous Walnut pistol grip with finger grooves and butt cap. Matching forend.
WEIGHT: Approx. 3-1/2 lbs for 12" Approx. 3-3/4 lbs for 14"
OVERALL LENGTH: 15-1/2" for 12" barrel model 17-1/2" for 14" barrel model
FINISH: Blued & Stainless Steel
SAFETY: Patented (Patent #5680722) automatic hammer block with bolt interlock.
SIGHTS: Adjustable rear sight; ramp front sight blade.


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