The group was formed on the 27th of August 1992 when Soc. Brigade decide to change their name. Right from the start they were joined by several members from 23 Celsius Crew, Live Act, Graffiti and Red Rats.
They're probably best known for their Hungarian GFX artist Rack and their diskmag “Sledge Hammer”. There were actually 9 issues of the mag released in Hungarian before the first English issue was released. They were of course released under the Soc. Brigade label.
After the last issue of Sledge Hammer had been released, there were some rumours and loose advertising for a new cooperation mag with Dreamdealers, called "Cult". Fester would be main editor, and Napoleon of Dreamdealers would do the code.
The group also arranged quite a few parties. Best known is probably “The Hammering”, which was held in both 1993 and 1994. They also arranged the “Bash Parties”, a series of parties started in the Soc.Brigade days.


German swapper and trader Star joined from Elysion, but got kicked and left the scene soon after. In fact all their foreign divisions were kicked late in the year and Absolute! carried on as a 100% Hungarian group once again.
Rackler, Twilight and Doc. Holiday, Rodney, Twice and DSN all joined Lego at The Party in December.


After traveling all the way to Finland for the Assembly with members of Sanity from Germany, Lord released the slideshow "Assembly 94 Slideshow" in August.


GFX artist Skowron joined Funzine late this year. The board “Palace” was dropped as their WHQ at the end of the year.
Most of the founding members became permanently inactive and Lord and Fester were announced new main organizers of the group.


Polish Musician Scorpik left the Amiga scene for Pulse on the PC in late 1996. Pulse, incidentally, features many talented ex- and current Amiga scene celebrities, like f.ex. Lazur. Anyone with a Pentium gathering dust would be well advised to check out their productions. You might see a name or two you recognize :)


Early in the year, Jean returned from his studies in France and returned to his native Budapest.
Poko and Fate joined with their board “Fatal Connexion”.