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ASP Extendable Baton


Summary:  ASP extendable batons are a proven leader in the law enforcement community, surpassing many other companies when it comes to self defense and control weapons.



About: ASP batons have proven to be a leader in law enforcement. They have proven to be second to none, chosen by several police departments as their defense weapon of choice.  ASP was founded in the year of 1976 by Kevin Parsons, who has a PhD in Police Management from Michigan State University.  Parsons spent half a decade teaching firearms and defense tactics at a regional police academy for extendable batons. A nationally respected consultant, he had designed Use of Force training systems for major law enforcement clients across the country.  The nation's premier expert witness has testified over 500 times defending police agencies in 43 states for the use of the ASP extendable baton. A frequent lecturer on Use of Force policy, training and administrative procedure, he was a frequent lecturer for a diverse group of professional organizations

ranging from the International Chiefs of Police to the American Bar Association.  In each venue, he taught the necessity of systems that were tactically sound, operationally feasible and legally defensible. It was this real world, street oriented background that Kevin Parsons brought to the design of ASP products.


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Models available from ASP:
52211 16" Expandable Baton
52411 21" Expandable Baton
52611 26" Expandable Baton
53111 31" Expandable Baton
52232 Black for the 16" Batons
52233 Basketweave for the 16" Batons
52235 Balistic Weave for the 16"
52432 Black for the 21" Batons
52433 Basketweave for the 21" Batons
52435 Balistic Weave for the 21"
52632 Black for the 26" Batons
52633 Basketweave for the 26" Batons
52635 Ballistic Weave for the 26"
53132 Black for the 31" Batons
53133 Basketweave for the 31" Batons
53135 Balistic Weave for the 31"
52914 Wrist Strap Cap
52470 Tactical Mirror and Case

52910 Swivel Cap
52480 Shoulder Strap Scabbard
04101 Foam Grip with Grommet
04100 Textured Grip with Grommet
03101 Side Handle Baton Foam Grip S24
03100 Side Handle Baton Textured Grip
03102 Baton Clips (Black)
04101 Baton Clips (Basketweave)
04130 Baton Grommets
03130 Car Rack
53000 Black
53008 Electroless
53009 18K Gold
53001 Baton Connector TRIAD
53005 Lithium Batteries
53004 Tac-Lite Lamp
53020 Gold Band Lens Ring
53021 Silver Band Lens Ring
53022 Stainless Band Lens Ring
53003 Softouch Switch
53002 Baton Connector Switch
52826 Black
52820 Electroless
52832 Textured $28.50
52796 Stainless Swivel
52795 Stainless Swivel (Breakaway)
52810 Heat (OC) Insert
52811 Test Insert (Inert)
52812 Heat (OC) Twin Pack
52813 Test Insert (Inert) Twin Pack
52814 Heat and Test Twin Pack
32815 Heat (OC) Ten Pack
32816 Test (Inert) Ten Pack
52764 BreakAway (Window Buster)
56401 Extended
56301 Swivel
56190 Tri-Fold Duty restrain (6-Pack)
56200 Tri-Fold Clip Case (Holds 2)
56202 Tri-Fold Duty Case (Holds 3)
56225 Scarab Cutter


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