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Alderac Entertainment Group

Alderac Entertainment Group

Complete Product List

AEG's house system is the 'roll and keep' mechanic, but possibly their greatest contribution to role-playing systems is the concept of 'Action Dice' - these are additional dice awarded to a player for ideas, good role-playing or just amusing the GM; which may be rolled (and thus expended) to improve the player's chance of success when making any die roll.

They have latched onto the d20 phenomenon by producing the Adventure Keep series of scenarios and a wide array of D&D; sourcebooks, as well as producing three d20 games of their own (Spycraft, Farscape and Stargate-SG1) and conversions of their other current lines - 7th Sea and Legend of the Five Rings - with parallel-rules enabling much material to be used with either d20 or the original system.

AEG are the publishers of: -

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Company Section last updated: 6 August 2006