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LDN Anniversary Showdown Results

Full Results

Family Entertainment held in front of hot crowd of 260

Scotty Rock defeated Robin Everest in approx 9 minutes

Mikey Mendoza defeated Jon Ritchie in a WOS rules match.

- First fall: Ritchie about a minute into Round 3.
- Second fall: Mendoza about 2 minutes into Round 4
- Third fall: Mendoza about 2 minutes into Round 6.

SOS defeated William Hill with in 2 minutes with his finisher

Project Future defeated Welsh Assembly to win LDN Tag Titles in an AWESOME flag match in 11 minutes when Ricardo grabbed the English flag.

Yorghos defeated Dave Jackson 2-0 in a WOS match.

- First fall: 2 minutes into Round 3.
- Second fall: 2 minutes into Round 4.

John Chapman and Jetta battled Jezebel and JP Monroe to a no contest on 9 minutes when JP turned on Jezebel and attacked her.

Tex Benedict retained the title against SOS via DQ in about 20 minutes. After the contest- SOS beat down Benedict. After SOS left ringside, Jon Ritchie came out and challenged Benedict who was laid out by SOS after the contest, and applied a sharpshooter to which Tex tapped. Jon Ritchie then walked off claiming he was the new LDN Champion.

Fallout - LDN Champion?

The question on everyone’s mind after Sunday’s Anniversary show- who is the LDN Champion? Tex Benedict retained his title; however Jon Ritchie maliciously attacked him after the contest and made him tap out to the sharpshooter. However this was not an official LDN contest but Mr Ritchie is now claiming he is the British Champion.

LDN website contacted Sanjay Bagga, company owner- who was asked to issue a statement on this. However he brushed off us off with a simple line- “If Ritchie wants to be champion, then I’m not going to stop him. If Tex is annoyed, he can go and collect his belt back himself.”

So as of now, LDN have no idea who the champion is. The fans believe its Tex Benedict, however the Notorious Jon Ritchie firmly believes he is the champion. We’ll have more information on this shortly.

Project Future became the NEW LDN Tag team Champions after beating Vaughn and Hype in a thrilling flag match.

Mikey Mendoza was named number 1 contender as he defeated Jon Ritchie in the WOS rules rounds contest.

Next show takes place on Saturday 9th December 2006 in Totteridge at the All Saints Art Centre. Final TV Taping of the year.

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