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Narcissism Support Group/Moral and Spiritual StruggleContains "mature" content, but not necessarily 
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Hye wo nyhe (the one who burns you be not burned ~ African saying).

Turn the other cheek.

This, I discovered is what forgiveness means to most. It is also very Christian.

Forgiveness- I always thought it meant turning the other cheek. Aiming that generosity of spirit at the wounder--"My wound but I will acknowledge the pain and let it dissipate in the sacredness of your presence; actually more than anything, I MUST forgive." That is what I am told, in order to stay sane, to stay whole. I must forgive. For if I do not there is that same old gap- there is no closure. Implicitly we are bade towards closure with dire warnings that if we do not we will remain unhealthy, stuck, vengeful, bitter.....possibly for the rest of our lives!

I read some literature on forgiveness as I am sure you have as well, because it would be wonderful if someone could give us the one, true answer.

I read this: On Forgiveness

and this: Different Views of Forgiveness

You can also do a Search to highlight the forgiveness philosophy of your choice. Largely, I did not find comfort.


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