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Diesel Sweeties by Richard Stevens

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The eternal love story of a robot named Clango Cyclotron and his human girlfriend, cartoonist Richard Stevens' Diesel Sweeties takes a cheerfully dry look at relationships and popular culture with strikingly modern artwork. It's a hip strip that takes nothing, not even itself, seriously. Clango, says Stevens, is "as much of a red-blooded male as a robot can be. He's also one of the last nice guys left in the world." Diesel Sweeties has been an online phenomenon since the Web comic strip launched in April 2000, and Stevens has grown his web site into a thriving T-shirt and book publishing business. He was trained as a graphic designer and taught both graphic design and visual communication at the Hartford Art School from 2000-2005. The new Diesel Sweeties, reformatted for print publications and respectful of the taste conventions of family newspapers, started January 8, 2007 in newspapers worldwide. To see the original Web comic that started it all, go to www.dieselsweeties.com.

October 25, 2007
Diesel Sweeties

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