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  Event Details  
  Event Title   Tiwi Islands, NT: Cyclone   
  Event Category   Cyclone   
  GLIDE Number      
  Event Start Date   04/06/1992   
  Event End Date   04/11/1992   

Duration of Event

  5 day/s   
  Zone   Northern Territory   
  Region   Melville Island   
  Map   163   
  Human Casualties  
  People Killed      
  People Injured      
  People Affected      
  People Homeless      
  People Evacuated      
  Property Damaged   Damaged Destroyed  
  Financial Cost  
  Insured Cost  
  Loss Assessment Cost  
  Commercial/Industry Cost  
  Total Cost  
  Cost Source      
  Cost Type      
  Information Sources  
  Source/s   Printed Press - Northern Territory News   
  Severity/ Impact      
  Impact Range      
  TC Neville caused damage to Bathurst and Melville Isalnds, with a few homes unroofed, trees uprooted and power lines downed. At the same time Bathurst Island was hosting a large sporting event with hundreds of visitors attending.
Naval and civilian shipping were either beached or moved to safer waters in preparation for the cyclone and air travel was cancelled. An oil rig supply boat was forced up on the beach by the winds, and 14 people were airlifted from the BHP rig Challis Venture.