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Co-operative Federations

Co-operativesUK membership includes a number of co-operative federations and associations.  Existing members include:

  • Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL)

ABCUL is the prinipal association representing the interests of Credit Unions in the United Kingdom. Credit Unions are financial co-operatives owned and controlled by their members. They offer savings and great value loans plus they are local, ethical and know what their members want.  Each Credit Union has a "common bond" which determines who can join it. The common bond may be for people living or working in the same area, people working for the same employer or people who belong to the same association, such as a church or trade union.  As financial co-operatives, credit unions are part of the long established and fast growing co-operative movement in Britain.

  • Co-operative Personal Management Association (CPMA)

CPMA is an association representing the interests of co-operative personal management agencies (actors co-operatives). There are about 40 such co-operatives in the United Kingdom

  • Confederation of Co-operative Housing Ltd (CCH)

CCH represents the interests of housing co-operatives, tenant controlled housing organisations and regional federations og housing co-operatives.

  • Country Markets

Country Markets are local co-operatives run by shareholders throughout England, Wales. and the Channel Islands. Originally set up by the Women's Institute in response to a request by the British Ministry of Food in 1919, they have grown to become a national institution.  There are some   individual country markets with over 450 outlet throughout England and wales.  Country markets is a secondary co-operative representing, co-oprdinating the activities of, and providing services to their members.

  • Plunkett Foundation

The Plunkett Foundation is an eduactional charity that works to further rural co-operation, including farmer owned co-operatives.

  • Scottish Agricultural Organisation Society (SAOS)

SAOS is the federal organisation for agricultural and rural co-operatives in Scotland.

  • Supporters Direct

Supporters Direct promotes the dvelopment of Supporters Trusts in the United Kingdom.  A recent addition to the co-operative family Supporters Trusts are co-operatives of supporters of football, rugby and other sporting clubs who come together to take a financial share through their trust in the running of the club that they support.

  • Ulster Agricultural Organisation Society (UAOS)

UAOS is the federal organisation for agricultural and rural co-operatives in Scotland.

Member federations and associations are invited to take part in the United Kingdom Co-operative Form (UKCF).  The UKCF brings together the diverse range of organisations in the United Kingdom dedicated to the development of co-operative enterprise and education in the United Kingdom in a forum where they can discuss strategic issues affecting the co-operative movement in the United Kingdom. (More...)



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