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What is Pacbuild?

Pacbuild is an automated package building system. The eventual goal is to be able to manage full architecture repositories given nothing but an abs tree.

Currently pacbuild has a build management daemon (apple), a remote system build daemon (strawberry), and a chroot package building script (waka). This is barely enough to run a full build system from initial build request to built package response.

Here are a few blog posts about pacbuild: Since the time of writing, cherry has been split into two daemons: apple (remote build management) and an as yet unnamed one (repo management). Apple has been implemented.


Pacbuild is designed to have independent daemons that communicate using xmlrpc. That way the daemons can run on many distributed machines.

The daemons list can be split up into two parts: remote and local.

Remote daemons:
  • Apple: remote build management. It takes in .src.tar.gz packages and spits eventually gives back .pkg.tar.gz packages. (working)
  • Peach: validation interface. Some sort of interface (probably web) that users can verify packages were built properly through. (not implemented)
  • Unnamed: repo management. The other half of cherry, will scan repos, queue packages, veryify them, and update the repos. (not implemented)
Local daemons:
  • Strawberry: local build management. It asks apple for builds and sends them to waka to be built. (working)
  • Waka: chroot build tool. Given a .src.tar.gz, it builds a chroot, builds the package, returns the log and .pkg.tar.gz, and cleans up. (working)


As you can see, a very simple build management system has been completed. Most likely the tools will be fleshed out more and then new daemons will start being developed.


Darcs development: http://xentac.net/~jchu/pacbuild/devel/
Darcs release: http://xentac.net/~jchu/pacbuild/release/


Source: http://xentac.net/~jchu/pacbuild/pacbuild-0.3.1.tar.gz
Arch Package: pacman -S pacbuild

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