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::October 17th 2007::

Many keep speculating on what the new Avantasia songs will sound like. To give you a real impression we'd have to post all the songs in their entirety, because the material is so diversified. So here are two sound samples of songs from the forthcoming "Lost In Space" EPs.

Promised Land :: MP3 Clip
Lost In Space :: MP3 Clip

::October 13th 2007::

On November 16th the two "Lost In Space" EPs of Tobias Sammet's Avantasia will be released, each for the price of a CD-single!!! According to Tobias "Lost In Space 1 and 2" feature exclusive first class material that could have been on any Avantasia album as well. The tracklist of the two mini epics read as follows:

Lost In Space Part 1LOST IN SPACE - Part 1

1. Lost In Space
2. Lay All Your Love On Me
3. Another Angel Down (feat. Jorn Lande)
4. The Story Ain't Over (feat. Bob Catley & Amanda Somerville)
5. Return To Avantasia
6. Ride The Sky (feat. Eric Singer on vocals)
7. Lost In Space (video clip)
8. Lost In Space (making of the video clip)
9. Photo Gallery + Poster

Lost In Space Part 2 LOST IN SPACE - Part 2

1. Lost In Space
2. Promised Land (feat. Jorn Lande & Michael Kiske)
3. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
4. Scary Eyes
5. In My Defense
6. Lost In Space (Alive At Gatestudio, feat. Amanda Somerville)
7. The Road To Avantasia (Studio report with interview)
8. Slideshow

::September 28th 2007::

Tobias Sammet is back with his project Avantasia again. Featuring guest stars like Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Sascha Paeth (ex-Heavens Gate), Eric Singer (Kiss), Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions), Alice Cooper, etc. he is ready to release another masterpiece. First press reactions span from "the best Avantasia stuff so far" to "a walking orgasm". On November 16th two EP''s "Lost In Space part 1" and "Part 2" will be released. took the chance to conduct a short interview with Tobias who is currently on a US tour with his band Edguy.

You're in the USA for the 4th time, how is this tour going so far?

First of all I am really happy that it finally happened at all and we are here. We've had to face a lot of trouble and the organisation in advance was not so good. Club tours in the USA are hard work. But let's face it: Even if you can play arenas in South America or Europe, this doesn't matter over here. It's a different story. There's plenty of work to be done, many asses have yet to be kicked. That being said: The fans are great, some travel thousands of miles to catch a show and we'll do everything to make it worthwile travelling every single mile. It's just clubs, no big arenas, but if it would be easy everybody could do it. We are willing to work our asses off and give people the show they deserve.

Many people keep wondering why have you decided to revive your project Avantasia. Aren't you fully stretched with Edguy anymore?

Let me tell you, I am happy to live the greatest life I could ever dream of which comprises being in Edguy but also being able to work with the greatest musicians in the world and do an album with my extended family in Rock. Life is too short to think about "Should I's" and "Can I's" and what have you. Back then it was a lot of negative stress to put Avantasia 1 & 2 together but time makes you forget about the struggles of the past. And with Sascha Paeth I have found a sidekick with whom producing an album is a walkover, the easiest and most positive thing in the world. If I will look back on the production of this album in five years, all I will remember are those endless nights in the studio and the goosebumps we've had whenever we had finished another song. It sounds cliché, but this is pure magic. I thank god I can be in Edguy, but if someone would give you the chance to record your best album to date with the greatest musicians in the world, with special guest legends like Alice Cooper and Rudolf Schenker, with the greatest producer in the world for the best recording budget in the world, well: You'd be an idiot if you wouldn't go for it.

The "Lost in Space" CDs are scheduled to come out in November. Why did you decide to release those two 6 track-albums in advance? Wouldn't it make more sense financially to release an additional full length album instead?

I've been going on record saying I don't like your typical single with one track the record company needs to release in advance in order to promote an album. And we've been on such a roll during the production, we said to ourselves: "Let's go on producing, no matter if we have enough great material already". You can never produce too much great material. I know that it may be stupid from an ecconomic point of view, but I am not starving and life is give-and-take. I am sure the fans will love the EPs and later on the album will benefit from having happy fans as well. And then the record company will get their advanced budget back I hope.

So what can we find on those "LIS" releases besides the title track?

The title track "Lost in Space" which I consider the "single song" will be the only identical song on both CDs. Each CD will feature five more individual tracks, we've recorded a great bombastic Metal version of an ABBA song for example, I've written a real epic anthem called "The Story Ain't Over", we've got a song featuring Eric Singer on vocals, Kiss fans may know what a great voice the man has. You will have the video and its making-of on one CD; and a studio report with interviews on the other one. A load of rare photos etc. I swear to god, you have never got that much quality for so little money. Some bands may have included a few more intros and made full albums of each of those CDs. And put 'em out for more than the double price. And yet, they'd be worth it.

The material I have heard sounds really promising, the track "Lost in Space sounds quite different from anything else you've ever done. Are you feeling that you have to set off to new horizons sometimes? Even the picture on the cover artwork shows a new Tobias Sammet, some people seem to have been afraid you're getting too far away from what you're known for.

Then, what am I known for? I hope for good songs. As soon as we took those pictures, I knew some people would complain about the make up. It's the continuity in the Avantasia history. On the first single 7 years ago they put so much make up on my face, when I looked down afterwards half of my face fell on my feet. I looked like a fucking drag queen, haha. I know, some people always complain. That's okay, I am a Rock'n'Roller. I don't wanna be remembered for having been the one on one ever hated. It belongs to the conceptual character I portray. As for the song, "Lost in Space" is a softer mid tempo song, but sometimes you have to set off to new horizons to keep it exciting. It's a cool mid tempo anthem. Yes, it's probably the softest song that we've done for the album, but I couldn't take the fastest one to be the single, the record company would have killed me. Well, the Japanese would have loved me. In fact, it was Eric and Sascha who convinced me to pick "Lost in Space" and shoot the video for that one. It's a beautiful track, very emotional and it has turned out exactly as it was supposed to. It sums up the melancholic feelings of the main character in the Scarecrow saga perfectly. But we've got enough heavy material on there too.

So there is going to be a video?

Yes, we've shot one on the moon, just Sascha, Eric and me. Cool video, although the song actually doesn't talk about space in a science fiction way. I talk about just feeling out of place. I know exactly what I am talking about, I have felt out of place half of my life.

Finally, how would you describe the music on "Lost in Space 1 and 2" and on "The Scarecrow"?

Wow, all I can say is that we've had a press listening session of rough mixes, and they all say that this one is even better than part 1 and 2. Or as one guy has put it: "a walking orgasm". I guess that pretty much describes it. I gave my very best, an honest pomp album from my heart, not living up to the industry, not following any trend and not any Metal cliché, I didn't care about expectations. I just felt my duty to be an honest-to-god artist. It's a Metal album, but you'll hear so much more on the album, it's a bombastic, mystic and heartfelt soundtrack to my life. I am sure I have done the right thing once again! You will hear the depth in every single note; and feel the magic in between every single note.

::September 26th 2007::

Roy Khan (Kamelot) & Oliver Hartmann have just been confirmed as guest vocalists for the forthcoming Avantasia album "The Scarecrow". More information to be announced soon.

On November 16th the two 6-track albums "Lost In Space part 1 & part 2" will be released. Apart from the identical title track both releases will feature completely different, exclusive songs plus videos, a poster, studio reports, a making of, a slideshow, and loads of enhanced bonus material, each for the price of a CD single!

According to Tobias the material on "Lost In Space pt 1 & 2" is top notch and could have easily made it to the album as well. But because there is so much material they have decided to put out those two releases instead of a regular single or EP.

::September 1st 2007::

The new Avantasia 6 track albums "Lost In Space Part 1" and "Lost In Space - Part 2" have been postponed and will now be released on November 16th.

"We have produced so much exclusive material for these two epics that we just needed the time. Except from the title track they contain completely different material, classy material, no bonus shit! In addition we decided to put some different video footage on each CD as well. We really had to postpone the release to warrant the Avantasia-quality. But it will be worth the wait: This is the resurrection a project like "Avantasia" deserves. Fans will get two major releases, each for the price of a single. Many thanks to my record company that supported the idea. I know it may be insane businesswise, but the fans will reward it."

The full story album "The Scarecrow" will be released at end of January next year via Nuclear Blast Records.

::August 8th 2007::

On Thursday, August 2nd Tobias has joined British Rock legend Saxon as special guest for a duet at Wacken Open Air. In front of 72000 fans Saxon-singer Biff Byford shared lead vocals with Tobias to sing a highly appreciated version of the Saxon classic "747 Strangers In The Night". Tobias had come to Wacken in order to announce that his Avantasia-project is going to headline one night at Wacken 2008. But he couldn't make it to the scheduled press conference due to having to have his appendix taken out in an emergency surgery on Saturday.

::August 6th 2007::

Tobias had to cancel a press conference and signing session at Wacken 2007 because on Saturday morning he was taken to the hospital for an emergency operation to have his appendix removed. More information to be posted soon!

::August 4th 2007::

Tobias has just announced that finally he will do what many people had hoped for since the year 2001 when he released the first part of his Avantasia-project. He will perform with Avantasia live on stage as one headliner besides Iron Maiden at Wacken Open Air in 2008.


We have just got the official information that Scorpions-guitarist Rudolf Schenker and US-legend Alice Cooper will appear as guest musicians on Tobias' forthcoming Avantasia-project.

Tobias: "I am really proud and grateful to have Rudolf and Alice as guests on the album. I am glad Rudolf finally managed to do it as the Scorpions have been so busy promoting their new album "Humanity hour1" which I think is their best since 1987. We had to re-schedule the session once and finally we worked things out catching up backstage in Slovakia during a Scorpions/ Edguy show. And what can I say about Alice Cooper? He is a unique American legend! Everybody knows him and all I can say is: I ain't worthy, I ain't worthy! The role he's sung suits him perfectly! Both Rudolf and Alice - did great performances and I am truely blessed to have won them as special guests for my album!" Also starring on Avantasia so far: Sascha Paeth, Henjo Richter, Eric Singer, Miro, Michael Kiske, Jorn Lande, Bob Catley, Amanda Somerville & Tobias himself of course...


Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) is in the studio right now to sing his parts for Tobias' forthcoming Avantasia album. Tobias says: "I love Michael's voice, he is the singer that made me want to become a singer myself twenty years ago. I am happy and proud that he is part of Avantasia again."

::June 2nd 2007::

Edguy have just been confirmed as special guest for the Aersomith-Show at the Kölnarena as well. So Edguy will be special guest of Aerosmith for their whole tour of Germany:

June 10 - Hessentag-Arena, Butzbach (Note: Early show! Doors open 5:00 PM)
June 12 - DM-Arena, Karlsruhe
June 14 - Olympiahalle, Munich
June 28 - Kölnarena, Cologne

Furthermore Edguy will play at Artmedia-Stadium in Bratislava, Slovakia as special guest of the Scorpions on June 16th. Edguy will also headline the German Bang-Your-Head-Festival on June 23rd and Benatska Noc Festival near Prague (Czech Republic) on July 27th. Check the tour section for all forthcoming Edguy shows.

::May 6th 2007::

On May 16th from 22:00 - 23:00 o'clock Tobias and his Edguy partner-in-crime Jens Ludwig will be special guests of the show Hard 'n Heavy on Germany's major radio station "Radio HR3".

"We are honored to have been invited by Christoph Habusta to join the 30th anniversary of his show "Hard 'n Heavy", Christoph has always supported the band and we are happy to show up on the show. I am sure we're gonna crack some real bad jokes, play some of our favourite CDs and just have a great time. Furthermore we're gonna bring our recorders (the instruments!!!) that we'll play for the first time that night - live on the air! You should not miss that show, it may be the last chance to hear us on radio, haha!!!"

::May 4th 2007::

Tobias has just finished some recording session with his buddy Jorn Lande (ex-Masterplan) for his new conceptual Avantasia-album "The Scarecrow". The album is scheduled for late summer. An interview of Tobias' can be found here. Keep checking this website for news!


Check to see what's up in the camp of Tobi's main band!

::April 15th 2007::

Tobias has just returned from a trip to England where he did vocal sessions with Bob Catley, lead vocalist of British Epic Rock legend "Magnum", for the upcoming "Avantasia - The Scarecrow" release. Bob Catley had been guest starring on "Avantasia - The Metal Opera pt 2" in 2002 as well.

"Bob is one of the nicest people I've ever met. He's a great singer and true friend. Magnum have always been an incredible influence for me. Magnum producer Mark Stuart tracked and recorded the session at Madhat-Studio in Wolverhampton where the new Magnum Album "Princess Alice And The!Broken Arrow" had been recorded as well.

::March 24th 2007::

Tobias SammetAs previously reported Tobias is working on a new album of his Rock-operatic AVANTASIA project. The album will have the title "The Scarecrow".

"I am right now in the studio doing some vocal sessions. In about two weeks I am going to fly to England to work with a friend of mine on some vocals. Fans and record companies who are interested always ask me for the names of my guest musicians. I want you all to know that I am blessed to work with the best musicians, but I don't believe in making names more important than the music itself. I am working with some childhood heroes of mine and most important, with great personalities, true friends, and the greatest musicians you can think of. Producer Sascha and I just checked some new recordings and I have the feeling, that this is the strongest stuff we have ever worked on. It's hard to describe the material in a few words, it sounds very powerful, bombastic, very organic and alive. People who loved especially Avantasia part I will love this one, although this time there is a lot more variation in style on there as well.

Of course it's a Metal album, but we even didn't stop at including some Celtic world music elements. But all that matters to me is that the music has to touch the soul and I swear to god: This material goes straight to your soul, because that's where it comes from. Sounds cheesy, but it's true. I am giving you my everything with this record and you will hear that in late summer! - All the best, Tobi"

To see some pictures from the recording sessions, check the photo section.

::March 16th 2007::

Edguy have just confirmed a tour of USA & Canada. In Europe Edguy will headline this year's Bang Your Head festival in Balingen (Germany) on June 23rd. They will also appear at the Hellfest (France) on June 24th. For the latest info check and to order tickets follow the below links:

Sep 11, 2007 USA - Hartford, Connecticut - Webster Theatre
Sep 12, 2007 USA - W. Springfield, Virgina - Jaxx
Sep 14, 2007 USA - Bedford, New Hampshire - Mark's Place
Sep 15, 2007 USA - Poughkeepsie, New York - Chance Theatre
Sep 16, 2007 USA - New York, New York - B.B. Kings
Sep 18, 2007 CANADA - Montreal, Quebec - Medley
Sep 19, 2007 CANADA - Quebec City, Quebec - Imperial de Quebec
Sep 20, 2007 CANADA - Toronto, Ontario - The Opera House
Sep 21, 2007 USA - Cleveland, Ohio - Peabody's Down Under
Sep 23, 2007 USA - Mokena, Illinois - The Pearl Room
Sep 24, 2007 USA - St. Paul, Minnesota - Station 4
Sep 27, 2007 USA - Seattle, Washington - Studio Seven
Sep 28, 2007 USA - Portland, Oregon - Roseland Grill
Sep 29, 2007 USA - San Francisco, California - Slim's
Sep 30, 2007 USA - Anaheim, California - House Of Blues
Oct 02, 2007 USA - Hollywood, California - House Of Blues
Oct 03, 2007 MEXICO - Mexicali - The Metro
Oct 04, 2007 USA - Tempe, Arizona - The Clubhouse
Oct 06, 2007 USA - Denver, Colorado - Bluebird Theatre
Oct 08, 2007 USA - Detroit, Michigan - I-Rock

::March 9th 2007::

As previously reported Edguy singer Tobias Sammet is working on a new Avantasia album right now. The album is being produced by Sascha Paeth, who is also playing the rhythm guitars. The drums have been played by Kiss-drummer Eric Singer and the bass is being played by Tobias himself.

Tobias: "I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to do this. There is so much creativity in the studio and the material sounds so great. There is so much variety, we got fast songs, mid tempo songs, a few ballads. There are modern elements, epic elements, classic elements. There's no limits in our creativity and I feel blessed that I am allowed to work with the most talented sidekicks I could ever dream of."

The new Avantasia album will be a concept album featuring different singers singing different characters in a story. But the concept itself won't be a sequel of the first two Avantasia albums. Stay tuned for more information.

::January 4th 2007::

As previously reported Tobias is working on another Avantasia album. KISS' drummer Eric Singer is the drummer of Avantasia this time.

Eric Singer and Tobias Sammet"We've recorded the drums in Hamburg at Vox-Klangstudio, where we recorded the drums of Edguy's Hellfire Club too. Great room, great equipment! Eric is a killer drummer and a cool guy to work with. It is really exciting to hear his interpretation of European style Metal. It definitely adds something fresh and unique to the sound, mainly because he's got a different approach to that kind of music. And although he doesn't do it with Alice Cooper, Kiss and SpongeBob Squarepants' solo band: There IS fast doublebass shit on Avantasia, and Eric did a great job!!! You'll hear it, it's fantastic. Go visit his website and leave him a nice message! Anyway, listening to the material so far I can really say that even though the new Avantasia will be a different conceptual story, the ambition remains the same: To create something epic and big! Or how Eric put it, Let's make some kewl music! No doubt, the spirit of Avantasia is there - in every note. Happy new year everybody and let's have a great and peaceful 2007. - Tobias"