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Nuffield Student Stanislav Vassilev received a Gold Crest Award from the British Association for the Advancement of Science

JLAB Resistor Test
JLAB Resistor Test
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An Introduction to 4GLS

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09 January 2007

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01:08 on 16th August

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Activities on 4GLS span both:

4GLS will be a world-leading photon facility to enable internationally outstanding science in the UK.

4GLS Science Landscapes » (pdf 5.51MB)

The 4GLS facility will combine energy recovery linac (ERL) and free electron laser (FEL) technologies to deliver a suite of naturally synchronised state-of-the-art sources of synchrotron radiation and FEL radiation covering the terahertz (THz) to soft X-ray regimes.

4GLS is the leading energy recovery proposal in Europe and the most comprehensive in terms of utilisation of combined sources. It is complementary to TESLA XFEL, to table-top lasers and to third generation sources available to the UK research community i.e. ESRF, SRS (now) and DLS (near future). 4GLS will be a multi-user facility utilising the strengths of undulator sources, capturing the potential of FELs and harnessing the advantages of combining both.

Ariel Photograph of Daresbury Laboratory After the 4GLS project successfully passed OGC Gateways 0 and 1, DTI announced (in April 2003) approval of a programme covering the R&D and design work needed to address the key challenges of 4GLS.

This involves:

  1. the construction and operation of a demonstrator facility (the ERL Prototype or ERLP)
  2. collaboration where international efforts are directed at addressing problems not accessible with ERLP
  3. undertaking electron beam simulations that are needed to understand and control the complex relativistic electron beam dynamics issues inherent when building a world-leading accelerator.

Schematic of the ERL Prototype


The 'moth-balled' experimental areas of the former Nuclear Structure Facility at Daresbury Laboratory have been brought back into service to house the ERL Prototype.

Design activities on 4GLS have recently been boosted by £1.6M funding awarded in early 2005

« Schematic of the ERL Prototype in place in the tower experimental areas and the associated control, laser and diagnostics rooms - click image to see larger size.