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October 25 at 5:25PM

Syntax City: Expanded Dictionary

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The newest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary has been causing quite a stir amongst dictionary aficionados, who are, for the most part, stirred only by advances in alphabetization techniques. Apparently, the OED, long considered our language's standard-bearer, decided to include a host of newfangled words (though the word "newfangled" was removed). These words include "manbag" (a purse with a strap, worn by men), "semi-freddo," (a class of semi-frozen desserts) and "cattle class" (no-frills economy travel). So, we're not sure when they start working on the next edition, but we've got some words we'd like to include, race-related ones. What? Oh, we mean, presidential race-related. Whew. That was a close one.
hillary: (n) 1. Republican slang, meaning devil incarnate.
We're not going to keep Hillary out of the White House if we keep acting like hillary.
2. Democrat slang, meaning not really a first choice as much as a best option.
Too bad Bill Clinton can't run again; oh, well, guess we'll just have to go with hillary.

mccainia: (n.) mental state characterized by the need to make big dramatic moves and/or ill-advised jokes requiring immediate apology.
Firing your entire staff and expressing a desire to personally shoot Osama bin Laden are both tell-tale signs of mccainia.

giuliangelic: (adj.) religious when it suits you, e.g. at a values voter summit, and not religious when it doesn't, e.g. crashing on a gay couple's couch after your wife kicked you out of Gracie Mansion for cheating on her.
You can tell he's plotting something, just look at that giuliangelic expression on his face.

semi-Freddo: (n.) a class of semi-conscious late-entry candidates.
Is it just me, or did Thompson look a little semi-Freddo at last night's debate?

hsuck: (v.) to unsuccessfully attempt to make a big news story out of a minor scandal.
Wow, Fox News really hsucked the big one on that.

Widestance: (n.) A ridiculous excuse nobody could possibly believe.
Don't give me that widestance, you were in there looking for love.

skulling: (v.) to eschew one's previous comb-over hairstyle in favor of embracing male pattern baldness.
Have you noticed that Rudy has been skulling ever since he announced his candidacy? Seriously, take a look at some old photos.

propsaltomoveupfloridasprimary: (n.) disaster.
Have you heard about the proposal to move up Florida's primary? What a propsaltomoveupfloridasprimary.

Duncan Hunter: (inter.) who?
Duncan Hunter? Duncan Hunter the hell is Duncan Hunter?

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Romneylingual: (n.) condition in which the speaker is forced to use words that have unfortunate phonetic similarities interchangeably. The Distracted Globe
by distractedglobe October 26 at 9:19AM
I do believe you've used semi-Freddo as an adjective and defined it as a noun. Perhaps modify the definition to read "in a semi-conscious mental state, as of certain late-entry candidates" or something.

Widestance is amazing. I need to start incorporating that into my vocabulary.

These are great, basically.

by tamingoftheshru October 26 at 2:05AM
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by immafreake October 25 at 11:03PM
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