Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway System Research Association
Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway System Research Association
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>AHS Background of development
>"I,c,a" Development of AHS System Functions
>Outline of the Primary Requirements of Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway Systems
>Report on CHAUFFEUR Study Mission
>Report on AVHS Demonstration in Korea and others
>Outline of the 2nd International AHS Task Force
>Report on the 2nd International AHS Workshop
>AHS Requirements(Phase 0)
>Outline of AVG Demo '98(Holland)
>AVG Demo'98 Arena Discussion Presentation
>Status and Plans of AHS in Japan
>'98 ITS World Congress-Presentation
>R&D policy on AHS
>Mission & approach of AHSRA
>Invitation to participate in the Joint Tests
>DEMO '99 Highlights
>Report on cooperative relationship with PATH and CALTRANS
>The Development of AHS and Element Technologies :
Proving Tests and Field Operation Tests

>International Task Force on Vehicle-Highway Automation (ITFVHA) 5th Annual Meeting A Participant's Report
>Position Identification Technologies Outline of Surveys in Europe and the US
>International Standardization Activities
>Systems for Practical Application
>Advanced Cruise-Assist Highway System (AHS) Technology: Element Technologies Development and Functional Improvement and Verification
>Report on Attendance at IV'2002
>Report on Tour of Japan-US Snowplow Support System
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