English Myanma Myanmar Name Formally English

Title Equivalent Meanining Addressed Equivalent


Mr U Uncle Chit Nyo U Chit Nyo Mr. Chit Nyo

Madame* Daw Aunt (Adaw) Hla May Daw Hla May Madame Hla May

Miss Ma Sister (Ama Yin Yin Ma Yin Yin Miss Yin Yin

or Nyi - Ma)

Master Maung Younger, Ba Win MaungBa Win Master Ba Min Brother


U Po Sein : Mr Grandfather Diamond.

U Po Cho : Mr Sweet Grandfather.

Daw Pwa Yin : Madame Demure Grandmother.

Daw Pwa Khin : Madame Affectionate Grandmother.

U Ba Win : Mr. Shining Father

U Ba Than : Mr. Father Million

Ma Hla May : Miss Pretty Mother

Ma Win May : Miss Shining Mother

Maung Ko Lay : Master Smaller Elder Brother

Maung Ko Gyi : Master Elder Elder Brother


Sometimes the kin term is used either alone or is repeated for effect. e.g.

U Ba : Mr father

U Ko : Mr Elder Brother

U Nyi : Mr Younger Brother

U Ko Ko : Mr Elder Brother, Elder Brother

U Maung Maung : Mr Younger Brother, Younger Brother

U Nyi Nyi : Mr Younger Brother, Younger Brother


In some cases a mixture of family terms is used in the giving of proper names. For example:

U Ba Maung : Mr father, younger brother

U Pe Maung : Mr Father, Younger Brother

U Ko Ko Maung : Mr Elder Brother, Elder Brother, Younger Brother

U Maung Ko : Mr Younger Brother, Elder Brother

U Maung Maung U : Mr Younger Brother, Younger brother, Uncle

U Myo Swe : Mr Family, Relatives

U Ba Swe : Mr father, Relatives


A qualifier may be added to the proper name:

U Maung Maung Lay : Mr Smaller Younger Brother, Younger Brother

U Ko Ko Gyi : Mr Big Elder Brother, Elder Brother

U Nyi Nyi Thant : Mr Pure Younger Brother, Younger brother

Ma Khin Ma Ma : Miss affectionate Sister, sister


Myo Chit : Love Kin

Myo Thant : Pure Kin

Myo Win : Shining Kin

Myo Sein : Kin Diamond

Myo Naing : Victorious Kin

Chit Swe : Love Kin

Khin Swe : Affectionate Kin

Khin Maung Swe : Affectionate Younger Brother, Kin

Swe Swe Hla : Pretty Kin, Kin







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