Video Filming & Production



  • 1 Camera Operator
  • 1-3 Professional Video

$50.00 an Hour


For more complicated shoots involving boom microphones, multiple lapel microphones, lighting equipment, ect, Please call for pricing!



  • Video Editing
  • Blue Screen Production
  • Special Effects
    explosions, star trek transporter effects, fireworks, water bubbles, smoke trails, fire, orbs, ect)



$25.00 per Hour of Work

$50.00 - $100.00 Deposit Required for all on Location Work

Video Transfers
†††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††
VHS, Hi-8, VHS-C, or Mini DV Transfer


We transfer VHS, Hi-8, VHS-C, or Mini-DV to DVD. But keep in mind we can only transfer 2 hours onto a single DVD.


*Please call for complex Menu Screen system layouts*


2 hours. of Video:


Super 8mm Reel-to-Reel Transfer

Let me stress that transferring these to DVD is very time consuming so the turn around time could be at least a week.
You need the right equipment to record these old films onto DVD! Many people in the area resort to using any camera to record the video playing on the wall. This is a NO-NO! If you do not have a camera with superior low light capture abilities, the result will be a picture thatís dark around the edges and your video will flicker.


2 Hour DVD:††


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