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The enemy within


Suzette is a useless idiot





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Suzette Anne Bates a.k.a. Suzette/Whippette a.k.a. Suzette the Whippette, Defender of Goyim published a blog entry on Wake Up From Your Slumber titled Imitation Beyond Flattery. This entry was replicated in Whippette's MySpace blog, with a third posting also made that same day on the I Am The Witness MySpace Forum.

In all three instances, Suzette the WhippetteDefender of Goyim's fellow Californian, friend, associate, and collaborator, Nina a.k.a. A Possum Princess a.k.a. Shiksaleh  a.k.a Ninasnake a.k.a. Dresdens Burning a.k.a Eireann Goddess, was the first person to comment on Suzette Anne Bates' "mystery e-mail" blog.

A subsequent Wake Up From Your Slumber blog entry was made four days later. Warning! Warning! Full Red Alert! Approach WUFYS with full caution!, screams the headline. If  WUFYS were to be substituted for Suzette the Whippette, Defender of Goyim, then my thoughts vis a vis the integrity of Suzette the Whippette and the integrity of Wake Up Fom Your Slumber, are confirmed. Wake Up From Your Slumber is interesting, informative, diverse and well-researched. None of these statements apply to Suzette the Magette.

Suzette the Spamette's recent flurry of blog postings on Wake Up From Your Slumber serve but one purpose - to set the stage for her friends and associates to enter the fray thus prolonging the fighting that Whippette and her associates are responsible for over on Wake Up From Your Slumber. Suzette the Whippette's recent blog postings are rather obvious pieces of chum - live bait upon which I decline to nibble.

No thanks girls - deja vu.

Eric says Daryl is 'convinced'

So, Wake Up From Your Slumber has, according to Eric and Daryl, become corrupt.

Deja vu again.

Apparently this corruption has something to do with how cached pages are displayed via a web server or in the user's browserRefresh often. I care not what Hufschmid and Smith have to say on matters of corruption - The French Connection needs to cleanse its own house before it issues damning edicts on other websites.

Qrswave has worked hard over the past few years to produce a very informative and resourceful website. PlanetQuo has used Wake Up From Your Slumber as an information source since it's early inception as The Truth Will Set You Free, and will continue to. Wake Up From Your Slumber has linked to Planetquo.Com for over two years, and I see no obvious reason as to why the present arrangement should not continue.

I think Qrswave has done a wonderful job with Wake Up From Your Slumber. Her website has been a first-class source of information for me since I had the good fortune to stumble upon The Truth Will Set You Free a couple of years ago. It continues to be. It's mainly a question of separating the wheat from the chaff, the troll from the shill.

There can be little doubt, however, that Wake Up From Your Slumber has been targeted by Zionists and is under attack from the enemy within. That pages such as this have began to proliferate on Wake Up From Your Slumber is a matter of concern in which I have much personal interest. It is good to see that Qrswave has identified at least one of the Zionist inflitrators and closed him down. It is also good to see Qrswave stamp her authority and try to re-take control of her site. Respect.

I feel sorry for Qrswave. Her good nature is being abused. Just as soon as the comments section on one blog entry is closed, yet another Daryl Bradford Smith discussion appears somewhere else. It's the same faces every time, and no matter what the original topic might have been, there is always the risk that a heated-argument, or a fight will break out over Daryl Brastrap Smith, Eric Hufschmid, Christopher Bollyn, or his 'brother' Jay. As I say, I feel sorry for Qrswave. She does not deserve this abuse.

Suzette the Trollette, Flamer of Goyim
Suzette Bradford Hufschmid
Whippette brings forth Hufschmid and Smith's message
Since I made my opening comment on the Daryl Bradford Smith Indicted topic on 29th April, my posts have been somewhat sparse. My second comment on the Daryl Bradford Smith Indicted topic induced this response. The rest is history. Lintonsnake was lying coiled-up in the grass just waiting for an opportunity to pounce. Deja Vu all over again.

Whenever I should wish to address the comments and statements that my opponents, detractors and enemies make, I will do so here, here, here and here, not via Wake Up From Your Slumber. Perhaps Whippette, A Possum Princess, Crimes of Zion, Geeez and Poseidon will follow my example, and in future use their own webspace should they wish to address me, instead of using Qrswave's.
Muhammad Redflag

Who are you Muhammad?

Are you the Muhammad Rafeeq Ibn Maulana Ahmed Hathurani who translated this book, or do you prefer Muhammad Rafeeq? Are you the Google top-listed Mohammed Rafiq who created this website? I would like to know for certain so to avoid any future confusion.

That Muhammad and Mohammed believe there to be no "serious research" available on the page that you are now reading, is a view that Rafeeq and Rafiq are perfectly entitled to believe should they so choose. I care not though about what either may believe.

That Muhammad Rafeeq and Mohammed Rafiq adopt a defensive position vis a vis  Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid is sufficient enough reason for me to respectfully give Mr. Rafeeq a body-swerve.


Only when Mohammed Rafiq confirms during a future interview with Daryl Bradford Smith that he is indeed the Muhammad Rafeeq who recently appeared on Wake Up From Your Slumber and began posting blog entries and commentswill I accept that both are one.

It would be, in my humble opinion, a good idea for Muhammad to contact Eric Hufschmud with a 'c' and ask him to alter the relevant information that the webmaster of The French Connection has listed within the Daryl Bradford Smith interviews section.

It might help prevent confusion if Eric Hufschmid were to alter Mohammed Rafiq to read Muhammad Rafeeq. Should Muhammad be unable to persuade Eric Hufschmid to update the information contained within this page, I would then suggest that he have a word in A Possum Princess' shell-like. Nina could then have a word in Daryl's ear, and...hey's done. No excuses Mr. Rafeeq, no excuses Mr. Hufschmid.

What say ye Muhammad Rafeeq? What say ye Eric Hufschmid?

I hereby call upon Eric Hufschmid and Mohammed Rafiq to confirm that the Muhammad Rafeeq who created this blogspot is the same bloke who has been appearing in Smith's recent broadcasts. In the absence of any confirming statement, I reserve the right to question the authenticity of the person who created the Muhammad Rafeeq blogspot on Wake Up From Your Slumber a few days ago.

Until such times as Muhammad/Mohammed confirms his identity by posting a photograph of himself on the Internet along with some pertinent information that would help me to become better acquainted with the man and his work, I will continue to perceive him precisely as I do Daryl Bradford Smith - just another disembodied voice I am hearing in cyberspace. A somebody who evidently prefers to be a nobody.

Since Muhammad Rafeeq has kindly offered me his advice, I will respectfully reciprocate. I advise Muhammad to visit this page and examine the evidence contained therein. And if after he has diligently scrutinised, analysed, and evaluated the evidence presented, should Mohammed Rafiq still not understand the significance and importance of this "single email", then I would suggest that Muhammad ought to visit this particular page of Wake Up Fom Your Slumber, and then take a trip over to MySpace.

Look at Whippette's MySpace blog, Mr. Rafeeq, there is none so blind as those who will not see. Would you be prepared to state in a future French Connection broadcast that you believe my "claims" about "a single email" are "difficult to prove?" The content of the 'Jeff Goinez' e-mail received by ME via MY website on 19th May is inconsequential. That Whippette lied and deceived in association with A Possum Princess is, however, highly significant indeed.


Mr. Rafeeq, in his humble opinion, advises that I, Jim Kerr, webmaster of PlanetQuo. Com and PlanetQuo.Net, being the author of this page should apologise for my "purile conduct" and infers that I have made an "inference" about Whippette. I am not inferring anything. I am  proving conclusively that Whippette, in association with A Possum Princess, perpetrated deception and lies. It is from Whippette and A Possum Princess that inferences emanate. Do you dispute what is indisputable, Mr. Rafeeq? If so, then on what basis do you question the evidence?

Sorry Mr. Rafeeq, there will be no apology. I have no remorse - just a lot of concern.

I trust that I have put forth clearly and simplified matters to Muhammad's benefit.

By the way Mr. Rafeeq, that Brendon O'Connell chap is a real nasty piece of work, a tasty geezer indeed, wouldn't you agree Mohammed? Eric was right about the 'Brendan man'. The Brendan 'Man' does seem to hate me, don't you agree Mr.Rafiq? Does O'Connell's behaviour suggest that he is a true Christian, as is claimed? A true believer? What say ye Muhammad? Please put forth clearly. Thank you.

Muhammad Rafeeq: open your eyes, take a look about you. It would appear that Brendon O'Connell's friends and Brendon O'Connell's enemies alike have gathered around you, and it also would appear that history is trying to repeat itself on your blog.

Go figure Muhammad - you're supposed to be a researcher.

Respectfully and in reply.

Jim Kerr

Served with side salad and Poseidon pate

After having finally confirming privately what I and others already knew, Poseidon has now declared himself to be a friend and associate of Crimes of Zion, A Possum Princess and Whippette; Fester's sparring partner has now publicly shown his true colours. "Our team", says 'Steve the Brit'. Cor blimey...strike a light Guv...stone the crows...knock me down with a feather...blow me over...Gordon oh my. What a surprise. Shiver me timbers. The only questions that need now be asked are: how long have this team being operating within Wake Up From Your Slumber, and how many more of them are there? Bang goes Poseidon's 'independent' researcher facade. Another shill exposed.

Infensus Mentis AKA Crimes of Zion posted this on my old MySpace profile

Poseidon is, according to Eric Hufschmid, a crypto-Zionist. Daryl Bradford Smith believes Poseidon to be Scott Makufka a.k.a. Victor Thorn. Poseidon denies this. Daryl Bradford Smith says that Poseidon is a shill. I agree with Smith's observation. So too do several other posters over on Wake Up From Your Slumber. Rowan Berkeley is one such poster.


While I share Smith's perception of Poseidon being a shill, I do not, however, share Smith's notion that Poseidon's true identity is Scott Makufka a.k.a. Victor Thorn. I know of an Englishman who fits the profile of Poseidon much better than Scott Makufka. There is a poster on the NOLAJBS forum who posts messages there under the pseudonym of Scarlet Bunnie. Suzette the Whippette was most curious indeed to discover on behalf of Eric Hufschmid the identity of the mysterious author who wrote this amusing hit-piece.

After having identified Poseidon as a Zionist agent, Rowan Berkeley was quick to suggest that Poseidon is an associate of Laura Knight-Jadczyk. Perpahps A Possum Princess might now be privy to Poseidon's true identity since she has recently been declared, along with Whippette and Crimes of Zion, to be part of Poseidon's team. Trying to obtain a straight answer from Nina or Berkeley is, however, like drawing teeth so perhaps Scarlet Bunnie or Poseidon himself might like to comment instead. Poseidon is also a member of NOLAJBS although he did not join under the pseudonym of Poseidon.


My own personal opinion has always been that Poseidon has much more in common with the Debus handle than he has with Scott Makufka. Although I no longer believe Poseidon to be the operator of the Debus handle, this, however, does not necessarily mean that Poseidon isn't a Jewish shill. Smith and Hufschmid are probably correct in their assessment of Poseidon being a crypto Zionist.

Poseidon has told me in e-mail correspondence that his name is Steve. I believe him to be a middle-aged Englishman in his fifties, and since 'Steve the Brit' recently proposed that I meet with him in a service station on the M1 motorway, I will, until such times as he furbishes tangible proof of his identity and location, consider him to be an Englishman who is currently resident in England.

'Steve the Brit' is living in an alternative reality in another dimension if he thought for a solitary nanosecond that I would be foolish and naive enough to consent to meeting a total stranger via the Internet who knows how I look, but who consistently refuses to confirm his own identity. Nice try Poseidon. And here was I believing him to be smart.

Poseidon might also care to explain why his IP address can be traced to France when he's supposed to be in England. Is France the other land that Poseidon operates out of?

Shill AlertZioshill AlertZioshill AlertZioshill AlertZioshill AlertZioshill Alert

Poseidon is demented


Fester did it


Since Smith and Hufschmid have already made reference to Poseidon, Whippette and myself (better to be a pain in the butt than an asshole Monsieur Bartender Smith) perhaps the dynamic duo will now finally acknowledge the existence of A Possum Princess and Crimes of Zion since they cannot plausibly deny that they don't know who this pair are.

I look forward to hearing Daryl Bradford Smith explain why his inner-circle of friends include a "wonderful, wonderful", "hard-working" pillhead who is the "kosher" friend and associate of an acidhead who claims to have received "firsthand information" direct from Daryl Bradford Smith himself. You sir, are the idiot savant if you continue to delude yourself that you can stonewall the perfectly legitimate questions that have been raised regarding the company that you keep.

Ne pas avoir la chance. Quitter le merde de la taureau sil vous plait Monsieur Smith.

No more playing Possum.
Baldman and Daryl the Goy Blunder

Worse, Daryl's friend Nina's knight in shining armour is a supporter of Mark Glenn, whose support is reciprocated by Glenn. Daryl Bradford Smith promotes and has regular telephone conversations with Nina who believes Smith to be a possible Zionist agent. Smith in turn decrees Crimes of Zion to be a member of the Zionist network, and states that Poseidon is crypto-Zionist Scott Makufka. Having been banished by Michael and I, Eric's former cheerleader, Suzette the Whippette, Defender of Goyim, has now decided to throw her lot in with Poseidon, A Possum Princess, and Crimes of Zion so that she and her cronies can instigate a "serious investigation" of Smith and his webmaster.

What a circus. Send in the clowns.

The French Connection Counter-Op.

You couldn't write this stuff as fiction. Not even as satire.

PlanetQuo is non-sexist and believes that women should be treated as equals


Hear, hear!
Perhaps the best way for me to explain the background to this "mystery e-mail" that Whippette and A Possum Princess speak would be for me to pass comment on some of the comments that were posted in the wake of Suzette the Deceiver's startling 'revelation'. In doing so, I will prove beyond any shadow of doubt whatsoever that the "defender of Goyim" is actually a deceiver of Goyim.

I begin with Eireann Goddess herself. Nina's comments are in bold.

This tells me that "Jeff G" has not only been following the career as well as the troubles of Christopher Bollyn.. but he also admits that he has likely been compromised by "Homeland Security".. which in turn is under the direction of Michael Chertoff, son of a rabbi and a long-time radical Zionist and Jewish supremacist.

The e-mail that I received via my website on 19th May was immediately forwarded to my close friend, trusted confidante, collaborator and research partner, Michael a.k.a Fugazi. Michael subsequently forwarded the e-mail to Suzette the Whippette, Defender of Goyim. Quite why Miss Whippette has chosen to publicly disclose this e-mail two months after having first received it from myself via Michael and claim it to be "mysterious" is a matter that Whippette herself will have to try and explain.

Whippette will also need to offer an explanation as to why she omitted key information from the header of the e-mail that I received from "Jeff Goinez" via my website.  Whippette is called-upon to explain why she has attempted to deceive us by falsely claiming that this "mystery e-mail" was sent to her, when I was actually the original recipient. Whippette's statement is a demonstrable lie, and I'm calling her on it.

Suzette the Whippette, Defender of the Goyim needs to explain why she is claiming this piece of garbled, unintelligible correspondence that I received via my website in May to be 'mysterious', when she herself has already confirmed the identity of the person who sent me this e-mail.

It has to be stated that I did not reply to the e-mail sent to me via my website eight weeks ago by the illiterate "Jeff Goinez". This was chiefly because the imbecile who sent the mail chose not to disclose the e-mail address via which they sent it. Had an e-mail address been given, I still would not have responded to such nonsense. A Possum Princess has drawn some truly incredible conclusions from an e-mail that made no sense to me or Michael and the dozen or so other people who were shown it.

Notice the author also casts his contrived suspicion on numerous unaligned parties.. and has accused even those who are sworn enemies of being allied as a covert Zionist team. This is a known Zionist tactic, right out of the Zionist Playbook... to project one's own covert Mossad/DOHS agent status onto their targets who are invariably involved in genuine anti-Zionist activism!

The author begins his e-mail by confirming that he has written to me on a prior occasion. I was contacted by a "Jeff Goinez" in March. Eric Hufschmid was also contacted. Indeed, Goinez claims that Hufschmid actually referred him to me! On that particular occasion, "Jeff Goinez" offered me 'inside information' as to the identity of the person who was posting messages at the NOLAJBS forum under the pseudonym of Commander Collin. As was the case with this second e-mail, I also ignored the first. Goinez then proceeds to ask me why he has "received threats" from unspecified aggressors in the intermediate period between sending me two e-mails. Even if I knew the answer to the question, and even if I had wanted to respond I would not have been able to since whoever sent me this e-mail did not give a return address.

Although "Jeff Goinez" sent this e-mail to me, he calls me Daryl. I thought this rather odd since my name is Jim. Goinez then says that he has spoken with Daryl Bradford Smith by telephone, and later, that Smith has called Goinez at home. If true, then logic decrees that Smith would evidently have been in possession of Goinez's telephone number and vice-versa. Perhaps A Possum Princess gave Goinez Daryl's telephone number. Perhaps Geeez 'made her do it.' I wonder to whom Goinez is referring when he mentions a "phony blonde agent." let me think.

A Possum Princess states that Goinez's theory of there being associations between Daryl Bradford Smith, Eric Hufschmid, Suzette the Whippette, Defender of the Goyim, A Possum Princess, Joe Molero, and myself is: "a known Zionist tactic, right out of the Zionist Playbook... to project one's own covert Mossad/DOHS agent status onto their targets who are invariably involved in genuine anti-Zionist activism!"

A Possum Princess has previously made reference to Zionist manipulation tactics, and seems very conversant with how the Zionist enemy operates. This I do not find in the least bit surprising since A Possum Princess is the enemy. Nina is one of 'them'. It is most interesting indeed that Nina makes use of the word project. My colleague, Michael, picked-up on Nina's frequent usage of the words project and projection, and has made comments on Nina's phraseology near the foot of this page.

With regard to the players mentioned by Goinez, every single person he mentions 'just happen' to be enemies of PlanetQuo. Joe Molero and I crossed swords in February, I withdrew my support for Smith and Hufschmid in early May. I liaised with Suzette the Whippete, Defender of Goyim for approximately four months but that arrangement was terminated on 12th July.

He accuses others of threatening him, when the entire tone of his email to them is.. threatening!

"IF YOU ARE INDEED THREATENING ME, or more laughably, if your Joe Morrano".. More telling yet is the author's misspelling of Joe Molero's surname.. he has used "Morrano" instead which is probably a slip-up.. an accidental mangling of "Molero" and "Murano"! Murrano is a reference to the Murano Jews of course!!

Goinez's misspelling of Joe Molero's surname is indeed more telling. It tells me that Goinez has the same problem with correctly spelling Joe Molero's surname as Brendon O'Connell does. In an e-mail that O'Connell sent to Hufschmid on 6th April, O'Connell deliberately misspells the surname of the NOLAJBS owner as Merlerno. Since O'Connell was a regular poster at the NOLAJBS forum, and Since O'Connell's "live bait" confirms that he/she has read my NOLAJBS expose, Brendon O'Connell has no valid excuse for the misspelling of Joe Molero's surname. Ditto 'Jeff Goinez'.

Goinez has evidently read my NOLAJBS page since he makes reference to Brendon O'Connell's use of the term "JEWTOWN" as a descriptor for Mount Lawley, Perth, western Australia. It is interesting to note that Brendon O'Connell used EXACTLY the same terminology in his/her correspondence with Hufschmid. What is most interesting of all though, is that Goinez is actually referring to A Possum Princess when he says:

"Suzette and PlanetQuo quite likely collaborate with "their other blonde"....and her use of the term "JEWTOWN" for a Perthian is not dissimilar to the use of "JEWSBURY" in the first threat I received."

A Possum Princess asserts that Goinez's misspelling of Molero as Morrano is "probably a slip-up", and that Goinez's "accidental mangling" of Joe Molero's surname with Morranno means "of course" that Goinez is making reference to Murano Jews. The obvious question is "of course": how can A Possum Princess state with such certainty what Goinez was referring to? How does she know?

This all leads me to question whether the self-described "woman" who attended Christopher's trial and claimed to be "helping" him after his disappearance... may also be known as "JG", the author of above deceptive email!??!

This is a blatant attempt to smear an innocent party. No surprise there. The author of the e-mail sent to ME via MY website on 19th May is NOT Linda Shelton. This attempt to smear Linda Shelton provides us with yet further evidence of the deception being perpertrated by A Possum Princess, and demonstrates what a lying, deceiving, yellow-bellied, conniving snake she truly is. To label Nina scum would be insulting bacteria.

Jeff Goinez is NOT Dr.Linda Shelton. Nina KNOWS that Jeff Goinez is NOT Dr.Linda Shelton. Suzette the Whippete, Defender of Goyim had already confirmed that Jeff Goinez is NOT Dr.Linda Shelton. Why, then, has Whippette not posted any comments in her Wake Up From Your Slumber and MySpace blogs to this effect? Go figure. Do the math.

Could it be that A Possum Princess is still working closely with Daryl Bradford Smith, and that Whippette is still working with Eric Hufschmid? I would not be in the least surprised to discover this to be the case. Think damage limitation and you'll soon catch my drift. Daryl's girl and Eric's girl have teamed-up to go after PlanetQuo. I believe this scenario to be a much more plausible option than Nina's 'Jeff Goinez is Linda Shelton' drivel.



I thinks the evidence contained just within this email is overwhelming!

I too have been persuaded by the overwhelming evidence contained within Goimez's e-mail. There is not a shred of doubt whatsoever in my mind that Whippete and A Possum Princess have concocted a lie of monstrous porpotions. Whether this sock-puppetry has been contrived to discredit Tom Goy and/or Dr. Linda Shelton is unclear. Tom Goy, however, needs no assistance from his friends - he is doing a superb job of discrediting himself via his promotion of Israeli-manufactured software.

Nice one Mr. Goy - the I Am The Witness 'made in Israel' toolbar. Idiot.

Only the deceivers who are perpetrating this deception can confirm whether the target of their lies and deceit is Dr. Linda Shelton. If so, then questions have to be raised as to why two 'former' Smith and Hufschmid supporters are engaged in a campaign of lies, deception and propaganda that actually helps their 'former' friends and associates. Ultimately, the only people who have been discredited by this charade is Whippete and A Possum Princess.

It is precisely this type of deception that Michael and I have been screaming from the rooftops about and drawing people's attention to. Our premise is simple. If people cannot see the low-level deception that is taking place before their eyes, then how on earth can they ever begin to comprehend the high-level deception that surrounds 9-11? If truthseekers, activists and other researchers cannot detect the deceivers embedded within the anti-Zionist movement, then how can they ever expect to spot those outwith?

This a screenshot of the "mysterious" e-mail that Whippette posted on Wake Up From Your Slumber:

This is a screenshot of the original e-mail as received by me on 19th May via Bravenet - the webhosts of my PlanetQuo.Net domain:

It can be seen by comparison, that Whippette has quite deliberately - with malice of forethought - omitted key identifying information from the original e-mail that was sent to ME via MY website. Whippette had no other option but to omit this key information, as to include it would have made it impossible for she and A Possum Princess to have perpetrated this fraudulent deception. Whippette already knew the identity of the person who sent this e-mail EIGHT WEEKS PRIOR to claiming that she received a "threatening" "mystery email" of which she seeks "some input about."

Here's some "input" for Suzette the Whippette, Deceiver of Goyim: Tom Goy states that he is resident in Sweden. If so, Tom Goy could not have been the author of the "mysterious" e-mail since the sender's IP address can be traced via AOL to Wichita, Kansas.

The screenshots below are of an e-mail that A Possum Princess sent to me via my website ONE WEEK BEFORE the "mysterious" 'Jeff Goinez' e-mail was sent.

Given that the format of the "mysterious" Jeff Goinez e-mail and the e-mail that A Possum Princess sent me seven days earlier are identical, Nina therefore knew that there was nothing "mysterious" about the 'Jeff Goinez' e-mail. As is the case with Whippette, A Possum Princess would also have known that I was the original recipient of this "mysterious" e-mail sent to ME via MY website.

Although A Possum Princess cannot possibly deny that she sent me an e-mail on 12th May, she may, however, attempt to deny ever having seen the "mysterious" Jeff Goinez e-mail prior to Whippette's doctored version being published on Wake Up From Your Slumber, Whippette's MySpace blog, and the MySpace I Am The Witness forum. Should A Possum Princess do so, she, not Crimes of Zion, would then have to offer a plausible explanation as to how she failed to spot the similarity between the "mysterious" Goinez e-mail and the one which she sent me a week before.


One would presume that A Possum Princess disclosed the information quoted above. If not, then Crimes of Zion is evidently acting as Nina's spokesman and making statements on her behalf. Nina claims that her German IP address is attributable to her using a proxy server when she visited PlanetQuo.Net on 12th May. The domain from whence A Possum Princess' e-mail emanated is administered by Strato Rechenzentrum - a Berlin-based webhosting company. The IP address used by Nina to send this e-mail resolves to this German-based website.

From the "mysterious" Jeff Goinez e-mail:

"Daryl, I began receiving threats (despite filter on high) with the middle part a German-language rant, and the first one being written from Warsaw! Title indicated someone "heard I talked"..."

"Planetquo it seems, sends threats to me (or someone directly around them)...and they DO MENTION ARTHURIAN/PERCIVAL MYTHS and POST SOMEWHERE IN GERMAN..both of which are motifs in the first threat I received after contacting them."

There's the German connection. Here is another. Go here, perform a 'traceroute' search on the domain to find yet another German connection.

What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Nina = Gina

Grim Reaper has something to add to the discussion....

The likes of Mark Glenn, who posted the article centred around bullsh*t e-mails provoked out of Smith by Whipette?

Yes indeed Mr. Reaper.

Mark Glenn's Wolves in Sheep's Clothing article set the stage for Daryl Bradford Smith to limit the damage induced by his 'Jesus should have been a victim of abortion' e-mail becoming public knowledge, and provided Smith with the pretext he needed to switch the focus away from himself, and onto 'religious' fantatics such as Suzette The Devout, Defender Of Blasphemers. The deception being perpetrated here should be glarlingly obvious. Complicated it is not. Go figure.

Mark Glenn forfeited any credibilty he may have had when he began promoting Crimes of Zion. Glenn has since shown himself to be not only a very poor judge of character, but also a hypocrite of the highest order. Glenn should know by now that Crimes of Zion is Infensus Mentis. In fact, I know that Glenn knows EXACTLY who he is promoting.

James Blasphemer Linton
Why is Mark Glenn promoting Crimes of Zion?
Saint Suzette of Oxnard
Crimes of Zion = Infensus Mentis = James Linton
Where is the outrage now Whippette?
Why the
double-standards, you two-faced, double-minded hypocrite?
Whippette works with this guy and promotes him
It is simply not plausible for Whippette to weep crocodile tears and proclaim that she is "deeply offended" by the "vile and blasphemous" images of Jesus Christ that her fellow team member finds so amusing. It is not credible that Whippette attempts to convince us of her 'devoutness' while acting as a conduit for a man who cares not that his blasphemy might offend her supposed Catholic values.
Whippette is a channel via which Crimes of Zion speaks. She is his messenger.
Take note Christians
Chimp of Zion a.k.a Infested MenspissA Poison Jewess

"It is all Jews who follow the Talmud who are our enemy! Don't be deceived. Whether these Talmud worhippers are "Zionists" or not is a matter of semantics. All Talmud followers are Jewish Supremacists, and view us Goyim as lower than cattle. These Talmudists goal is the Goyim's enslavement and destruction, whether they be "Zionists" or not. Be forewarned!"

Suzette Anne Philomena Bates - 30th July, 2006

That Suzette Anne Philomena Bates declares herself a "traditional" Roman Catholic while openly associating with someone she knows to be a foul-mouthed blasphemer, and with someone she knows to be anti-Christian - possibly a Satanist - tells us all we need to know about Suzette the 'Christian' (Zionist?).

If Whippette is a devout Catholic, then I'm Donald Findlay QC, and I ain't Donald Findlay.


How strikingly odd it is that The Dead Bishop, considers Crimes of Zion to be a decent fellow. The Bishop is another devout Catholic who cares not about Crimes of Zion's blasphemy nor his stance on the thorny issue of abortion. WUFYS's resident cleric appears to be such an honest, compassionate, forgiving chap.


The Dead Bishop says he was speaking in an "abstract spiritual" sense when three weeks prior to his Mea Maxima Culpa, he stated unequivocally that  Whippette told him she is a Jew. Aparrently Suzette is not a Jew even though she told him she was Jew. According to the Spin Bishop, Suzette did not actually use the word Jew when she told him that she is a Jew. And even though Suzette told the Shill Bishop that she is a Jew, he is telling us that she is not a Jew but is "from the Syangogue of Satan."


I know a lot of devout Catholics none of whom are Jews. Please forgive me as you forgive the blasphemous Crimes of Zion and the deceiver Whippette your holiness, but you are full of crap. Piss-off back to MySpace and take your idiot friend Suzette with you. Amen.

Well Whippette, you stupid bitch, here is the statement you have been waiting with baited breath to see. Where in this expose of you, your trickery, your deception, and your lies do you see me presenting your friend's comments of 21st July as "proof" that you are a Jew? I wrote that I would "accept the Bishop's testimony on this particular occasion since The Dead Bishop is considerably more devout and consistent in his Catholic faith than Suzette Anne Philomena Bates is in hers." The Bishop's statement is here as proof of him saying that you are a Jew, not me you gormless dork. Get a clue.


Can you believe this woman's chutzpah? Whippette sounds more like Poseidon and A Possum Princess than plain, old, boring Suzette. Her recent adaptation of A Possum Princess, Crimes of Zion and Poseidon's "Hufschmidian" and "Smithraeli" terminology is truly cringeworthy as is her use of Nina's 'Brownshirts' phrase. Suzette the Parotte, Repeater of Cliches. Whippette is a dumb, old bird but it's not her fault.


I too am a Catholic albeit one who has lapsed. I have not, however, lost my faith in God almighty - only in organised religion. Michael and I tried to discuss Catholicism with Whippette during a SKYPE conversation and she freaked-out big-time when the issue was raised. And when I say she freaked-out big-time, I mean big-time, She became hysterical and blamed it on a "bad experience" she had with Madthumbs. Lying cow.

It is most telling indeed that Whippette and Mark Glenn made such a huge issue out of Daryl Bradford Smith's blasphemy yet the pair remained silent when the blasphemy was being done by a person whom Whippette and Glenn both promote, and one who Daryl Bradford Smith should be denouncing - particularly since Suzette is a part of James Linton's team along with Poseidon and Nina.
So why the silence Monsieur Smith?
Go figure.
Slimes Off Zion

Why is Whippette, a supposed 'devout Catholic' publicly stating that this pervert is "cute" when this piece of Zio-filth finds it highly amusing that my fifteen year-old niece - a true devout Catholic - was inadvertently exposed to the extreme hardcore pornography that was placed on a CD ROM by the man who, Whippette sings, should be President?

Where is the outrage now, slimebucket?

Well said Ellendra


Deceiver - Liar - Hypocrite

Suzette the Whippette, you have shown yourself to be a liar, a deceiver, and a hypocrite who is not to be trusted. The precious little credibility you had has now all but evaporated. You are discredited, you are disgraced. you are exposed. You bring shame upon the anti-Zionist movement. You disgust me, as do your team mates A Possum Princess and Crimes of Zion. The unholy trinity indeed.

I am thoroughly embarrassed to have ever been involved with you Whippette.

Suzette the Snakette, Deceiver of Goyim

I won't blaspheme Jesus Christ nor will I invite Whippette to dine on faeces. I will, however, reiterate the advice that Daryl Bradford Smith dispensed a few months ago: go ye forth and multiply Suzette, along with the other imbeciles who share your mindset. Whippette, you are indeed an asshole. Smith was dead right about that.


Suzette the WhippettePlain, old Suzette

Good riddance to both of you.

Suzette The Whippette, Defender Of Goyim - Goy Patrol Featuring Suzette Anne Philomena Bates (Lyrics)