London Borough of Croydon

Results of the 2005 General Election held in Croydon Central Constituency

Candidate Party Votes  
BOWNESS Marianne VERITAS - Party Leader, Robert Kilroy-Silk 304  
CARTWRIGHT John Sydney Official Monster Raving Loony Party 193  
DAVIES Geraint Richard The Labour Party Candidate 19,899  
EDWARDS Ian David UK Independence Party 1,066  
GOLBERG Bernice Clare Green Party 1,036  
HARGREAVES Jeremy Arthur Liberal Democrats 6,384  
PELLING Andrew John The Conservative Party Candidate 19,974 Elected
STEARS Janet Ann The People's Choice-Making "politicians" Work! 101  

Results of the 2005 General Election held in Croydon North Constituency

Candidate Party Votes  
AHMAD Tariq Mahmood The Conservative Party Candidate 9,667  
CHAMBERS Michelle Tina The People's Choice-Making "politicians" Work! 132  
GEE-TURNER Adrian John Liberal Democrats 7,560  
GIBSON Peter Charles Croydon Pensions Alliance 394  
KHAN Shasha Green Party 1,248  
MCKENZIE Winston Truman VERITAS-Party Leader, Robert Kilroy-Silk 324  
PEARCE Christopher Henry known as Henry Pearce UK Independence Party 770  
RASHEED Farhan Independent 197  
WICKS Malcolm Hunt The Labour Party Candidate 23,555 Elected

Results of the 2005 General Election held in Croydon South Constituency

Candidate Party Votes  
DARE Graham Trevor VERITAS - Party Leader, Robert Kilroy-Silk 497  
FEISENBERGER James Rosewell UK Independence Party 1,054  
LAWMAN Sandra Joy Liberal Democrats 10,049  
OTTAWAY Richard Geoffrey James The Conservative Party Candidate 25,320 Elected
SAMUEL Mark Robin Lionel The People's Choice-Making "politicians" Work! 185  
SMITH Paul Joseph The Labour Party Candidate 11,792  

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Electoral Services
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