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Saint Anthony Catholic College Preparatory High School - Long Beach California - Go Saints!!

St. Anthony College Preparatory High School

Graduation Requirements



The following outlines the current curriculum and graduation requirements* at St. Anthony College Preparatory High School. Classes may be combined to meet the needs of each individual student.

Religious Studies 40 units/ four years*
English 40 units/ four years
Social Studies 30 units/ three years
World History 10 units/ one year
U.S. History 10 units/ one year
U.S. Government 5 units/ one semester
Economics 5 units/ one semester
Fine Arts 10 units/ one year
Physical Education/Health 10 units/ one year
Mathematics 30 units/ three years

Physical Science:

Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics


10 units/ one year

Life Science:

Biology, Marine Biology


10 units/ one year

Foreign Language 20 units/ two years of the same language
Computer Applications 5 units/ one semester
Electives 35 units/ seven semesters

* The Christian Service Requirement of 100 hours and the four annual retreats are also graduation requirements.