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Uh oh CheapAlert
Sunday, Apr 1st 2007
Ender forgot to pay the server bill! QuakeSRC will go offline shortly.

Nice meeting you all :'(

UPDATE: apparently on the last minute we're saved
New DarkPlaces engine stable build release CheapAlert
Tuesday, Mar 13th 2007
LordHavoc has released a new stable build of DarkPlaces.
Amongst the changes, other than the usual fixes and further optimization of graphics/network code is ProQuake macros and LOC file support, some counter-measures to wallhacks (sv_cullentities_trace) for more fair play, per-map textures support (so you quakeworlders can enjoy your flat color dm3 and your lsd-trip dm2), AVI video recording, and auto-downloading from DarkPlaces servers so you don't have to scrounge the internet for crap the server uses (if you prefer patience of convenience that is).

New Quake1 Engine in town!: Quake Royale JoeBlack2k
Monday, Feb 26th 2007
Well its out there for a few weeks now.. still its new to me! this is what the new engine brings for us:
  • Improved lighting with normal mapping, shadow volumes, and ambient shadow volumes.
  • Bloom with dynamic/occluded lighting exposure adjustments.
  • Procedural filtering on original Quake art and assets, giving the outdated resources a cleaner appearance.
  • New functional menus and settings, with a cleaner interface.
  • A new in-game server browser, making it easy to jump into someone else's game, with all Quake Royale servers tracked under a central Quake Royale Master Server.
  • A full skeletal mesh/animation system. Supports pointweighted meshes and a variety of other things.
  • Surface sprite system with dynamic foliage generation.
  • Specialized gore system with physically simulated blood blobs (blood collides with surfaces, runs down walls, etc).
  • Model decal and collision routines (one practical use being models becoming bloody when shot).
  • Functional gamma correction.
  • An automap system, with functionality to render any Quake map from an orthographic perspective.
  • Player model combined vertex transformation and smoothing allows for a reliable model-based camera perspective. One application is the view smoothly rolling and pitching on death, doing what the actual head on the player model is doing.
  • Bots are included in the server module, if you feel the need to play by yourself, or fill out a public server.

  • This is what the author has to say about the new release:
    Quake Royale v0.2 is up on the download section. It includes a fix for people who were seeing all black surfaces, a new map made of numerous Quake1 maps all fused together, a mini-coop mode for dead players (on the new qr_dms map), and various fixes. The main QR server is now running v0.2 as well, you can find it with the in-game server browser.
    and finally this is the trailer video:
Quake map sources released under the GNU GPL CheapAlert
Thursday, Oct 12th 2006
John Romero released all of Quake's maps (including the item boxes and the maps that didn't make the cut) under the GNU GPL.

No, it's not an illusion; you are awake.. see for yourself.
QExpo 2006 is open! CheapAlert
Monday, Jul 17th 2006
'nuff said!
QExpo 2006 booth registration is now public CheapAlert
Friday, Jul 14th 2006
You read that right, so if you're planning on a booth for it you can register early right now and polish up for the 17th and look good at it ahead of time.

Head on over to QuakeExpo.com already and GO
Quake is 10 CheapAlert
Friday, Jun 23rd 2006
Yesterday marks Quake's 10th birthday of the original 0.91 shareware release that shook FPS gaming as we know it.
Game program code, 3d alias models, lightmapping, true 3d bsp brush maps, client/server networking structure, cross-platform development, and dynamic lighting are just many of the things Quake has brought into the standard of 3d game engines (well, most of them anyway).

So here's to a happy 10th anniversary of the greatest game ever :)
Celebrate on the forums!
EGL v0.3.0 public beta test! Echon
Wednesday, May 31st 2006
A public beta test of what will be the next EGL release will be held this Friday. There were dramatic code changes and wide-spread testing is desired. A lot of particle effect tweaks, some new particle/decal textures, and tons of performance enhancements and bug fixes were done. I should also mention that is the perfect time to mention any small changes you'd like done!

Time and ways to contact me are on the EGL homepage.
The Ultimate Deathmatch v3.00 Ghostface
Thursday, Dec 15th 2005
There's a new QuakeWorld game server in town. The Ultimate Deathmatch v3.00 beta game server has been put up at, hosted by QuakeDev. It has massive list of features check it out on the website at:

Regarding the recent downtime Ender
Tuesday, Dec 13th 2005
Hi ya'all. The QuakeSrc server has been under a bit of strain the last few weeks, since I also started hosting the ScummVM wiki and forums there. The downtime over the last day or two was moving over to a new server. The observant may have noticed an IP change... so everyone has/had to wait until the DNS updates managed to crawl their way around the globe. Everything is Fine now :)

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