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HIMALAYA - 155 mm Self-propelled Gun Howitzer,

A unique design of ZUZANA 155 mm/45 caliber gun and turret makes it possible to implement the howitzer system almost on any existing MBT chassis as well as modified heavy wheeled chassis. HIMALAYA is a true counterpart to the wheeled ZUZANA version except that the HIMALAYA turret was made slightly longer to enable more rounds in the ammunition magazines to fully utilize high payload of T-72 chassis.
Technical parameters:
Caliber: 155 mm
Barrel length:45 kal.
Number of ammunition in autoloader:40 projectiles/40 charges
Maximum range:39,6 km
Minimum range:5,6 km
Rate of fire:6 rounds in 1st min.
Sustained rate of fire:5 rounds per min.
Loading of projectiles and charges:automatic
Turret traverse:360°
Elevation/Depression:+70° / -3,5°
Vehicle length:11405 mm
Vehicle width:3600 mm
Total height:3300 mm
Overcoming of obstacles:
Trench:2600 mm
Vertical step:850 mm
Fording:1400 mm
Total weight of the system:42600 kg
Maximum speed:60 km/h
Maximum road range:480 km
Number of crew:4