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Forty-five seconds into "life on Display," Puddle of Mudd's second major-label album, singer Wesley Scantlin announces he's "drowning in a pool of misery." While most bands would spend more time working their way up to such a histrionic confession, it's par for the course with the Puddles, who specialize in third-rate grunge retreads stuffed with overdriven guitars and generic rock-dude melancholia. The only attempt at subtlety or nuance is "Change My Mind," which could have been an outtake from an Alice in Chains unplugged album. Though Scantlin yowls his pain about his place in the universe and girls who don't understand him, the predominant emotion transmitted by these tired, hookless tunes is a kind of skull-banging numbness. The extra d is for dismal.

(RS 937, December 11, 2003)

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AutumnShadeIII writes:

3of 5 Stars

While at times having amateur lyrics, the album is one you might want to add to the collection. While at times he seems to be worshipping the ones he follows a bit too much, it still has somewhat of a genuine sound to it. Many could say this album is Nirvana meets Alice In Chains, but neither would ever write tracks such as..."Think" "Heel over Head" and "Spin You Around". It's hard to admit songs like "Already Gong" Nothing Left To Lose" and "Change My Mind" are some of the highlights of the album, only due to the fact they aren't very genuine. They all sound like they could have been covers of some of the bands they worship. While not seemingly genuine at times, the album seems quite well put together in general sound. Some of the lyrics could have been thought over more, but I believe it's okay to confess you're drowning in a pool of misery 45 seconds into an album, because he has the stories of why he's miserable later into the album.

Aug 23, 2006 02:23:47

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