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This step-by-step BLAST guide covers the basic strategy for setting up a protein-based BLAST search, describes the format and significance of the search output and discusses the use of PSI-BLAST and other post-BLAST tools to extend and enhance the results of a BLAST search.

Setting up a BLAST search
  Step 1. Plan the search
Step 2. Enter the query sequence
Step 3. Choose the appropriate search parameters
Step 4. Submit the query
Deciphering the BLAST output
  Step 1. Examine the alignment scores and statistics
Step 2. Examine the alignments
Step 3. Review search details to plan the next step
Post-BLAST analysis
  Perform a PSI-BLAST analysis
Create a multiple alignment
Try motif searching with PHI-BLAST

For a more interactive introduction to the same material try the BLAST tutorial.

Revised May 2, 2000

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