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Maine singer-songwriter breaks out with "Collide"

BENJY EISENPosted May 18, 2005 12:00 AM

"I heard a business theory, that if you want to get to the next level, you just start acting like you're already there," says Howie Day.

The twenty-four-year-old singer-songwriter from Bangor, Maine, has taken that theory to heart, casually chatting up next month's gigs with Dave Matthews ("I've never met him, but we've probably crossed paths") and recent tours with Sting and Tori Amos.

After a year and a half of sluggish sales, Day's latest album, Stop All the World Now, is finally enjoying measurable gains, having just gone gold. Radio stations began airing the track "Collide" late last fall, and the lush pop song has since been featured on television shows such as One Tree Hill, Scrubs and Third Watch. "You can be damn sure my relatives called me every time it aired," Day says, laughing.

Before "Collide" took off, jumping to Number Fifteen on the Billboard singles chart this week, Stop looked to be another record-store casualty. "It was a tough spot to be in," says Day. "When you're recording an album, you're thinking, 'This is a great record, and it's going to do really well.'" When the album faltered and two singles failed to connect, Day feared it was time to go back to the drawing board. Instead, he has another round of touring ahead of him. And on May 31st, Epic Records will release a DualDisc edition of Stop, featuring live cuts and videos.

When Day finally does return to the studio, he expects the new album to be an emotional departure from the last one. In contrast to the moodier Stop, written in the winter, Day says, "the new songs have more of a spring/summer feel to them."

Day may debut some of those songs this summer when he tours with Gavin DeGraw, but first he'll open some amphitheater dates for the Dave Matthews Band. "When I was in high school, that was my favorite band," he enthuses. "I wish I could go back in time and tell myself when I was sixteen that in eight years I'd be opening for them."

Of course, he could also mention the hit single and the gold album, but why ruin the surprise?


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