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Town Twinning

A guide to the twinning links within Bath & North East Somerset


Within the Bath & North East Somerset District, there are nine formal twinning links as follows:

Bath Aix-en-Provence France
Bath Alkmaar Holland
Bath Braunschweig Germany
Bath Kaposvar Hungary
Batheaston Oudon France
Bathford Artannes-sur-Indre France
Keynsham Libourne France
Norton-Radstock Ambares-et-Lagrave France
Swainswick Cressy-sur-Somme France

The links are administered by nine voluntary Twinning Associations working, where possible, in conjunction with their local Town or Parish Council. Contact details for the Associations are set out below.

Bath’s Twin Cities

The Charter Trustees of the City of Bath have responsibility for Bath’s links but the necessary fund-raising and administration is undertaken by four, voluntary Twinning Associations. For further information contact:-

Ann Tipper
Clerk to the Charter Trustees
The Guildhall

Tel: 01225 477411
Fax: 01225 477408
E-mail: Mayor'

Alkmaar, Holland

Alkmaar is situated in north-west Holland, approximately 30 miles from Amsterdam. The city has a population of around 96,000 and is best known for its cheese market which operates every Friday morning from the end of April until the middle of September. Bath's links with Alkmaar began during the Second World War when fund raising events were held in the City to help the citizens of Alkmaar impoverished by war conditions. The first official visit to Bath by dignitaries from Alkmaar took place in 1946 but it was not until May 1990 that the twinning document was officially signed.

The website for Alkmaar’s Twinning Committee is

Aix-en-Provence, France

Situated in the South of France and less than 20 miles from Marseille, Aix-en-Provence is regarded as the cultural and artistic capital of the Provençal region. Many festivals of music and art are held there each year and the city plays host to more than 700,000 visitors annually. Of the 155,000 inhabitants, 32,000 are students - the city's University was founded in the 15th Century and is considered to be one of the most important in France. Aix, meaning watering place, is a spa town and famous for its many fountains. Its similarities to Bath resulted in an official twinning document being signed by the two cities in September 1977.

The official website for Aix-en-Provence is

Braunschweig, Germany

Braunschweig is situated in Lower Saxony, approximately 50 miles from Bristol's twin town of Hannover. The present population is around 250,000 and the main industries include the manufacture of optical instruments, cameras, vehicles and engines. The city is regarded as an important historic and cultural centre in its region, boasting many fine theatres and playing host to a variety of annual festivals. The Bath/Braunschweig link was established shortly after the Second World War as part of a Foreign Office initiative to bring together young people from cities in England and Germany. The first visit to Braunschweig by a Civic delegation from Bath took place in 1957 and the official twinning document was signed in April 1971.

The official website for Braunschweig is

Kaposvár, Hungary

Kaposvár is the county town of the Somogy region of Hungary and is situated some 100 miles south-west of Budapest. Its present population is around 75,000. Kaposvár is very proud of its cultural and artistic heritage - its theatre has acquired international fame and important festivals are held in the city throughout the year. In 1967, thermal waters were discovered and Kaposvár hopes to be able to use this resource to develop its tourism industry. Other industries include the production of food, textiles and electrical goods. Bath and Kaposvár were officially twinned in April 1989.

The official website for Kaposvár is

Bath also has an historic link with Manly in Australia and an Economic Accord Agreement with Beppu in Japan. For further information, contact the Charter Trustees at the address above, or visit their web-sites:-


Rural Links

Batheaston – Oudon

In 2005, Batheaston twinned with the village of Oudon, close to Nantes in France.

For further information contact:-

Don Blanking
Tel: (01225) 858728

Bathford and Kingsdown - Artannes-sur-Indre

After four years of developing friendship and understanding, Bathford and Kingsdown entered into a formal twinning relationship with the village of Artannes in the Loire Valley in October 2005.

For further information information contact:

Maureen Breeze
Chair - Bathford Twinning Association (with Kingsdown)


Keynsham – Libourne

Libourne is located in the Northern Gironde region of France approximately 15 miles from Bristol's twin city, Bordeaux. It is an attractive town, with fine architecture and a population of around 20,000. It is situated in one of France's premier wine producing areas, and is a regional centre for the wine trade, as well as being famous for its gastronomic specialities. The town also plays host to a number of annual festivals including one dedicated to wine and literature. The link was formally established by the District Council in October 1977 and is administered by the Keynsham & North East Somerset Twinning Association. For further information contact:-

Councillor Julie Stiddard
87 Queens Road
BS31 2NU

Tel: 0117 986 1534

The tourism web-site for Libourne is

Norton-Radstock - Ambares-et-Lagrave

Ambares is situated in the Northern Gironde region of France, not far from Bristol’s twin city of Bordeaux. It is a small, wine producing community with a population of 10,000. Other industry in the region includes a large pharmaceutical company which provides much of the employment in the area. The link between Norton-Radstock and Ambares was formally established in September 1982 For further information, contact the Norton Radstock Twinning Association. 

Jeni Randles
206 Charlton Park
Midsomer Norton

Telephone: (01761) 412130

Swainswick - Cressy-sur-Somme

The village of Swainswick has been twinned with Cressy-sur-Somme in the Saone-et-Loire region of France since 1985. The link is currently focussed on Swainswick Primary School contacts with a similar school in Cressy-sur-Somme and pieces of school work have been exchanged. For further information contact:

Mike Stanton
Wayfield North
Solsbury Lane

Telephone: (01225) 858165

Chew Valley Twinning Association

A recent link is that between the Chew Valley and Vern-sur-Seiche in Brittany, which is being carefully fostered with a view to a formal twinning within the next two years.  Vern-sur-Seiche is a large village just south of Rennes (famous, amongst other things, for the largest street market in France).  The villagers are involved in local agriculture, modern hi-tech or light industrial enterprises, or commute to Rennes for work.  Vern is famous for its cider and varied agricultural products.

For further information contact:

Steve Ward
Chew Valley Twinning Association
6 Yew Tree Close
Bishop Sutton
BS39 5UG

Telephone: (01275) 333708


The official website for Vern is

Education and Youth Projects

Local Education Authority (LEA) Schools seeking advice on educational links with the district's twinning partners can contact Louise Counsell at B&NES Education Service on (01225) 396443 or e-mail

For information on international youth projects and external funding for these, contact the Council's Youth & Community Service on 01225 396980 or by email