Book of the Month - July 2007

Kingdom Hearts II

Volume 1


If you haven’t been keeping up on your Kingdom Hearts lore, you might be a little confused when reading this first volume of the manga adaptation of Square Enix’s popular PS2 game. The series’ regular main characters—Sora and his Disney buddies, Donald Duck and Goofy—are nowhere to be found. Instead, the story focuses on Roxas, a boy living in Twilight Town who is enjoying the last days of his summer vacation.

Strange things have been happening to Roxas lately. It all begins with a series of dreams where he assumes the identity of a young boy he’s never met—although readers will instantly recognize the dream persona as Sora. Roxas quickly puts these dreams out of his mind when he learns that someone has stolen his friends’ treasured photographs. The culprits are revealed to be creepy, contorting creatures called Nobodies. When Roxas challenges a band of the monsters with a bat, he is shocked when the sporting equipment transforms into the Keyblade, Sora’s primary weapon.

The situation gets even more complicated when the mysterious Organization XIII shows up. What does this dark group want with Roxas, and what is our hero’s connection to Sora? Not much is answered in this volume, admittedly, but it sets up an awful lot of intrigue for the rest of the series. If you’ve dismissed Kingdom Hearts in the past for being too “kiddy,” this might be a good time to check it out. It’s quite a bit deeper than you might expect. Kilala Princess this ain’t.

—Phil Theobald


Recently, Square Enix released an updated version of the Kingdom Hearts II PS2 game in Japan. Dubbed Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+, this two-disc set contains a sweet extra—a 3D remake of the Game Boy Advance KH title, Chain of Memories. Sadly, Square Enix has yet to confirm a US release date for the game.


  • Available: July 2007
  • Publisher: TOKYOPOP
  • Rating: All Ages
© 2002,2007 Disney. Characters from Final Fantasy © 1990,1997,1999,2002 Square Enix Co., Ltd.

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