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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


‘Balikbayan’ Donita Rose dines in Pampanga

SHE’S traveled everywhere as an actress, a commercial model and an international VJ. But today Donita Rose visits her hometown Pampanga, the “Culinary Center of the Philippines,” on Balikbayan, the program hosted by Drew Arellano on QTV Channel 11.

On her trip to Pampanga, one of her fans, Meridien Cruz, a kikay health-insurance agent, will be with her the whole time. Besides the memorable places that Donita will be visiting, she will also visit an old hospital in Clark Air Base where she used to work before getting into show biz. Viewers will also discover that the fashionista VJ used to be a “candy striper.”

Donita will also tour Meridien to the schools where she used to study and show her their house in Carmenville. What were her funny and memorable moments in this subdivision?

Afterward, Drew will join them in the popular Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. They will also visit and try the delicious treats in Ang Sisig ni Aling Lucing, a famous restaurant in Pampanga. Viewers will also discover 101 ways of cooking Sisig, which is a popular dish in Pampanga.

The viewers will witness Donita Rose’s trip today at 10 p.m., on Balikbayan, the program that visits the hometown of our idols on QTV Channel 11.



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