Available File Managers


  • ROX
  • Emelfm
  • PCManFM
  • XFE
  • Thunar
  • Atol
  • mc
  • gpe-filemanager


  • Tree! Explorer
  • qpe-filemanager
  • filelaunch
  • advancedfm
  • explorer
  • mc

For Sharp/Cacko there is

imagen de Anonymous

For Sharp/Cacko there is also filelaunch (filelaunch-en_0.4.5-0.1_arm.ipk)
It is available on meanies Sharp ROM page, or is searchable using above filename.
This filemanager allows you to double tap a filename and if you have mime-types set up correctly, the corresponding program will open the file.

The built-in filemanager in qtopia, only allows you to browse above the /Documents folder on a FAT volume. It also opens files according to mime-types.

Tree!Explorer needs to be upgraded to the purchased version to open associated files by mime-types.

qpe-filemanager opens files by associated mime-types as below.
The PDF file for it says you can:
Using the File menu when a file is focused.
Open in (application name)
Opens the file with the application related to the file.
View as text
Opens the file with a Text Editor.

I've added Atol to

I've added Atol to pdaXrom/pdaXii3
atol: http://atol.sourceforge.net

I think we need to indicate

I think we need to indicate which versions work on which ROM versions by ROM number. Some apps, for example, run on 3.13 that don't run on 2.38, and vice-versa.