October 26, 2007

Old Media; Dems Fearing Marketplace

Michael Copps, a Democratic member of the Federal Communications Commission, is urging the regulatory body to look into the purchase of The Wall Street Journal by News Corp., the parent company of Fox News. Even though the FCC has no rule that would prohibit the deal, Copps is concerned about media consolidation. READ: Democrats fear competing in a media universe that isn't stacked in favor their ideological point of view.

If The New York Times had made the deal instead, I'm sure Copps would not have objected. When there were only three television networks, all slanted to the left, people like Copps didn't seem to have a problem with it. In the world of the media elites, that is the way it should be.


John Edwards demands college journalists remove story from internet: Edwards tussles with UNC over video It appears the girly presidential candidate can't handle the truth.

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October 23, 2007

Now It's Valerie's Turn To Lie

Former CIA employee Valerie Plame just released her book about The Big Nothing, the non-criminal non-outing of a non-covert agent by nobody at the White House. On the Old Media talk show circuit, the fawning liberal operatives are lapping up everything that drops from our gal Val's lips.

I haven't read the book and it is likely I will not. I am absolutely certain that Plame will not admit the veracity of the INR document that proved she and her husband, former Ambassador to Irrelevance Joe Wilson lied about how he was chosen to go to Niger.

BOOK PLUG: In my book, "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report", I discuss this case, how I uncovered Wilson's lie and was the only journalist to directly confront him with the evidence. I also provide a behind-the-scenes account of how the White House press corps agitated for a Special Prosecutor.

In 2004, the Senate Intelligence Committee called Wilson a liar, too. The Kerry campaign quickly dumped Wilson from his position as a national security advisor. I wrote an opinion piece on the subject while still a White House correspondent: Joe Wilson Lied and Owes George W. Bush and America (and Me) an Apology

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October 19, 2007

Lunch with Lynne and Dick Cheney

On Thursday, I was honored to be seated at the head table for the National Press Club luncheon featuring Lynne Cheney. The wife of Vice President Dick Cheney discussed her new book, "Blue Skies, No Fences", a memoir about growing up in the years after World War II and the 1950s.

Shortly before the program began, a suprise guest joined us at the head table - Vice President Dick Cheney. Go to C-SPAN to watch a clip of the event.

DC Examiner has the details: Yeas & Nays

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October 17, 2007

Another Old Media Political Operative Comes Out

MSNBC reports that one-time ABC reporter Carole Simpson dropped the pretense of objectivity recently to endorse Hillary Clinton for president:

CLINTON: Here's a fascinating endorsement for Clinton. Former ABC News veteran Carole Simpson surprised the campaign last night when she showed up in New Hampshire to endorse her, according to NBC/NJ's Athena Jones. “For 40 years I’ve been a journalist, and I have covered our national leaders from Lyndon Johnson to President George W. Bush,” said Simpson, who was there with her class. “I endorse you for president of the United States. It’s very freeing now that I’m not a journalist, that I’m able to speak my own mind and free expression, but I just wanted you to know that I had a dream that before I died I would see a woman as president of the United States. I think you are the woman and I think this is the time.”


Veterans of the 1992 Clinton campaign will recall that Simpson was the moderator of the now-infamous town hall debate between Bill Clinton-Bush-Perot, in which Bush was criticized for looking at his watch. During that debate, Simpson was particularly tough on Bush to the chagrin of the Bush campaign and other Republicans.

BOOK PLUG: In my book, "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report", I note (courtesy of the Media Research Center) Carole Simpson's status as a "bias denier" during a 1995 AOL forum:

Question: “I don’t think it’s your personal liberal bias that’s well-known, but the liberal bias of your network is obvious.”

ABC News anchor Carole Simpson: “I challenge you to give me examples of that. I disagree wholeheartedly. I think it’s again, an example of the mean-spiritedness that is these days also directed at the media.”

Note the worn-out liberal technique of refering to criticism as "mean-spiritedness."

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October 16, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Jeff Gannon Book Selected for National Press Club Book Fair

'The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report' Featured At 30th Annual Event

WASHINGTON, October 16 /Standard Newswire/ -- A book by former White House correspondent Jeff Gannon, "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report" will be among those featured at the 2007 National Press Club Book Fair. The National Press Club is the world's most prestigious association of professional journalists. The November 1st event is the 30th annual book fair and benefits the Eric Friedheim Journalism Library at the National Press Club.

Jeff Gannon, the first exclusively online reporter to cover the White House on a regular basis is considered a New Media pioneer. He notes that his daily readership of more than half a million topped the circulation of most newspapers, despite reporting for a small news outlet. Gannon points out that since his tenure at the White House nearly every news entity has launched an online presence.

Gannon chronicles his two years as a member of the White House Press Corps and reveals his role in the Valerie Plame affair and the scandal that toppled Dan Rather from the CBS News anchor chair as well as the historic defeat of Sen. Tom Daschle in 2004. He also offers a rare behind-the-scenes look at the White House Press Corps, led by the legendary Helen Thomas.

Gannon weighs in on the left versus right, liberal versus conservative debate that he dubs "The Great Media War". He contends that the struggles between those opposing ideologies play themselves out on radio, television and in the newspapers every day and determine how news is reported. Gannon also sees the Internet as the next front in The Great Media War and discusses its effect on the future of journalism and news reporting.

Gannon writes about his experiences after asking one of the most famous questions ever posed by a reporter to a president. He explains "The Question" and speculates as to the reasons the reaction to it caused a nationwide sensation.

Gannon has something to say about nearly every member of the Beltway media establishment as well as many Washington politicians. His book is replete with evidence of pervasive liberal media bias well beyond the point of questioning whether or not it exists. Gannon proves the point with words directly taken from the lips of his colleagues.

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October 13, 2007

Old Media Trumpets Sanchez Iraq War Critique

But Fails to Report Stinging Rebuke of Media

The Old Media is abuzz today following remarks by retired Gen. Ricardo Sanchez that are critical of the management of the war in Iraq. His comments seem to cast a negative light on the Bush administration and every official and department involved to any degree in the war.

Associated Press: Ex-general: 'No end in sight' in Iraq

USA Today: Gen. Sanchez assails Bush, others for Iraq 'nightmare'

New York Times: Ex-Commander Says Iraq Effort Is ‘a Nightmare’

Missing from these stories is the blistering criticism of the press. Only a Polish news outlet reported the remarks: Former Iraq Commander Sanchez Accuses Press of Perpetrating The Corrosive Partisan Politics That Is Killing American Troops




Read the TRANSCRIPT and be educated to the real story of Iraq War reporting as seen through the eyes of one of the commanders in the field.

I discuss this subject at length in my book, "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report". I relate an incident involving Gen. Sanchez in an Oval Office photo-op and my question about it:

At the height of the furor over allegations of prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, many of my questions reflected the singularity of the press corps’ agenda. The group focused only on those events that portrayed the Bush administration and the American military in a negative light and ignored events that tended to mitigate their sensational impact. The reporters wanted to portray George Bush as more evil than Saddam Hussein. I tried to inject some balance into the weeks of relentless badgering about Abu Ghraib:

Q: Despite warnings that the release of the Abu Ghraib pictures might put Americans in danger, CBS went ahead and did it anyway. The feeding frenzy over these photos has been briefly interrupted by the video of Nick Berg being brutally beheaded. But they won’t show that on the air. Do you find any inconsistency with regard to the media treatment for releasing these photographs they knew would inflame the Arab street, but not airing something that they also know would inflame the American street, or at least the center and the right part of it?
– White House Press Briefing, May 12, 2004

I continued to draw out the White House to comment on the impact negative reporting had on the morale of troops in the field and Americans who supported the war:

Q: Scott, I frequently communicate with soldiers stationed in Iraq. And many of them ask me why only the bad news about Iraq is reported in the American media. More than one has told me how demoralizing it is to hear so much about the Abu Ghraib pictures, and so little about the murder and annihilation of American contractors and the beheading of Nicholas Berg. Can I get you to comment on the negative impact our reporting is having on the morale of our troops?

MR. McCLELLAN: One, I always try to avoid being a media critic from this podium. I’m here to address your questions….

Q: Okay. But is it time to take the filter off again? Is it time to go around the filter? Because, you know – because there are men and women that we have sent to defend our country that are hearing nothing but bad news in the press.

MR. McCLELLAN: Your point is well taken…. We removed a brutal regime from power, a regime that, when its economy started going down, went and found seven merchants and tried to blame that on those merchants and had their hands cut off and Xs put on their heads. That was the kind of brutal, oppressive regime that has been removed from power. And thanks to the gratitude of some Americans, those individuals came to the United States and received prosthetic hands. And they met with the President the other day….

Q: They met with the President, right, Scott. They met with the President in the Oval Office and not one question was asked to those gentlemen about their torture in Abu Ghraib. The first question was about whether General Sanchez was being rotated out of Iraq because of the scandal.
– White House Press Briefing, May 28, 2004

In this unusual dialog with McClellan, I pointed out that seven Iraqi merchants had met with President Bush a few days earlier in the Oval Office. Saddam Hussein ordered the men to be tortured at Abu Ghraib and their hands cut off. Their “crime” had been accepting American dollars at their shops. When the press pool entered the Oval Office for the photo op of President Bush and these survivors of Saddam Hussein’s tyranny, reporters asked no question about those men or the reason they were there. All of the questions remained focused on allegations of brutality committed by American troops.

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October 11, 2007

New York Times Pot Calls CBS Kettle 'Black'

The New York Times, long a mouthpiece for the Democratic National Committee is criticizing CBS White House correspondent Rita Braver for conducting an interview with Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Cheney. Even though Braver disclosed that her huband, Bob Barnett negotiated Cheney's book deal, The New York Times dissed the reporter for a "conflict of interest."

In my book, "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report", I devote an entire chapter, "Bias is a Family Affair" that connects the dots between the Old Media and Democrats. It's pure hypocrisy that The New York Times criticizes CBS considering the plethora of lines of intersection between the "newspaper of record" and the subjects it covers.

Let's begin with Todd Purdum, White House correspondent for The New York Times from 1994 to 1997, husband of former Clinton White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers. No conflict there!

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October 10, 2007

PRESS RELEASE: Target of Democrats' Media Matters 'Goon Squad' Warns of Further 1st Amendment Attacks

Media Matters, Democrats Threaten Rights of Journalists, Talk Radio Hosts

WASHINGTON, October 9 /Standard Newswire/ -- Former White House correspondent Jeff Gannon is warning against a grave threat to free speech and the free press posed by liberal activists and Congressional Democrats. He cites Media Matters for America, a self-proclaimed media watchdog group established with the help of Hillary Clinton and funded by liberal activists including George Soros as the "smear machine" concocting false controversies that serve as the basis for attacks on conservatives in the media by Democrats in Congress.

Continue reading "PRESS RELEASE: Target of Democrats' Media Matters 'Goon Squad' Warns of Further 1st Amendment Attacks"

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Boston Globe 'Reporter' A Radical Liberal Ideologue

Yet another Old Media reporter comes out of the closet. Boston Globe writer Charlie Savage has a new book, Takeover: The Return of the Imperial Presidency and the Subversion of American Democracy, in which he claims that Dick Cheney has been on a thirty-year quest to implement his views of unfettered executive power.

Take a trip over to lib-land to see a gushing write up of the book and a clip of Savage's delusional rantings. Recall that in February 2005, Savage and another Boston Globe reporter took a Media Matters press release and turned it into a "news article" that launched the Old Media jihad against me.

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Chris Matthews Debates Republican Candidates

Republican contenders gathered Tuesday in Dearborn, Michigan to share their positions on important issues with primary voters, but "Hardball" host and debate moderator Chris Matthews wanted to make sure his opinion was heard. Clearly outclassed by co-moderators Maria Bartiromo and John Hardwood, Matthews' loaded questions about the Iraq War and SCHIP appeared even more juvenile. Following last weeks' confession that he was a raving liberal, Matthews declared that he would take on anyone who insinuated he was biased. None of the candidates needed to do that - Matthews' own behavior spoke volumes. Byron York at National Review Online provides the recap:

Amidst all the happiness, there was one thing the Thompson camp was not pleased about, and that was the moderator. After Thompson finished answering a question about possible government aid to Chrysler, Matthews said, “Took a long time. He said no; he should have stopped there.” The remark seemed to cross a line; at the very least, it was not the sort of thing one normally hears from the moderator in these debates. Thompson responded, “In your opinion, Christopher,” and after it was all over, Thompson’s people unloaded on Matthews.

“Chris kept himself in check for as long as he humanly could, and then he just reverted to type,” the first Thompson aide told me. “He can’t help himself. He said this isn’t going to be about me, and of course it was about him.”

“The Democratic debate had Tim Russert. We had Chris Matthews. That’s like you having Roger Clemens and my team having…me. It’s just amateur hour with him. He can’t help himself.”

Democrats still refuse to debate on the Fox News Channel.

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October 09, 2007

Lying Joe Wilson Says Novak Lying

Former Ambassador Joe Wilson, the man declared a liar by the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2004 and dumped from the Kerry campaign hours later, today angrily referred to columnist Robert Novak as a "chronic liar." Wilson's outburst was a reaction to Novak's claim made at last weekend's Society of Professional Journalists that the author of grandiose claims about Iraq, yellowcake and Niger did not "forcefully object" to the publication of his CIA employee wife's name, Valerie Plame.

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October 08, 2007

Quakers Target of Corruption Probe

One of the Hard Left's most prominent subversive groups is the target of a corruption investigation by the Pennsylvania State Attorney General. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that a whistleblower alleged the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), commonly referred to as the Quakers, diverted funds bequeathed to it for medical scholarships to other activities, most likely pro-illegal alien assistance and war resistance.

The AFSC is at the center of the Hard Left's network of groups many consider anti-American, including United for Peace and Justice and MoveOn.org. Over the years, the Quakers have been the darling of the Hollywood Left and intellectual elites, like Susan Sarandon and Noam Chomsky.

Court filings indicate more trouble on the horizon for the AFSC than the current controversy. In 2006, a judgement was entered against the AFSC for failing to file and pay wage taxes for its employees to the City of Philadelphia. Other information contained in court documents suggest failure to comply with employment requirements that pertain to immigration issues, homeland security regulations and aspects of the Patriot Act.

10/9/07 UPDATE: U. S. Sues Quaker Group Over Taxes

10/10/07 UPDATE: Defending the AFSC Mary Ellen MacNish, the radical leftist who heads the American Friends Service Committee reacts to corruption probe.

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October 05, 2007

Chris Matthews, Just Another Old Media Liberal

MSNBC's "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, like many of his Old Media colleagues, is dropping any pretense of impartiality. At an event to promote his new book, Matthews said that the Bush administration has "finally been caught in their criminality". The audience included some Kennedys and other Democrats along with NBC executives. It would have been hard to tell them apart - especially since they are one in the same.

I devote an entire chapter to Matthews and his fellow travelers in my book, "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report." In "Election 2006 - The Old Media Comes Out of the Closet", I discuss how Matthews and others helped Democrats win control of Congress. The MSNBC host, along with The Washington Post hammered away at the "macaca" story for months, resulting in the defeat of Republican Sen. George Allen and the election of Democrat Jim Webb.

Until recently, Matthews pretended to be non-partisan. At a cocktail party last year before Bill Maher's DC show, Matthews made a point of telling me, "In 2000, I voted for your guy." However, at a different event when he thought nobody was paying attention (I was there and I was) he admitted to the audience, "I'm a liberal!"

Matthews already moderated one GOP Republican debate and is slated to do another. It is doubtful that MSNBC will remove him from the broadcast or that Republicans will pull out of the debate. Unlike the cowards of the Democratic Party who refuse to debate on the Fox News Channel, Republicans are used to the hostile environs of the Old Media. The Old Media doesn't seen to understand that their credibility is greatly diminished by phonies like Chris Matthews.

I enjoyed Jon Stewart eating his lunch for him: THE DAILY SHOW

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October 04, 2007

DC Examiner Reviews "The Great Media War"

The DC Examiner goes inside my book "The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report" to discover the hurt I put on Hearst's heckling harridan Helen Thomas.

Jeff Gannon: Helen Thomas was treated like 'mafia don'

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October 03, 2007

C'mon Rush, Show The Power Of Talk Radio

Senate Democrats, led by Majority Leader Harry Reid took time away from the nation's pressing business to condemn radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh for a phony controversy concocted by the Clinton/Soros "goon squad" known as Media Matters. Tuesday night, they sent a letter to the President of Clear Channel asking that he condemn Limbaugh's comments (he declined.)

Some will recall that Media Matters waged a jihad against me for asking President Bush about how he would deal with Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid who seemed "divorced from reality." WARNING: I own the trademark for this phrase and will take legal action to prevent its unauthorized commercial use. Harry Reid and other Senate Democrats signed a letter urging any number of Congressional investigations into my activities as a White House reporter, an unprecedented violation of the First Amendment.

My suggestion to Rush: Post the list of senators, all Democrats who signed onto the letter condemning you along with the telephone numbers to their Capitol Hill offices on your website. At the beginning of your program today, suggest to your listeners that they phone these senators to express their support for you. Let's see what they get done after that.

Shut 'em down, Rush!

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October 02, 2007

Media Matters Targets Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter

Liberal Jihadis Lie To Attack Conservatives

Media Matters for America, the Democratic National Committee’s “goon squad” of liberal activists that bludgeons any journalist or media figure reporting a story or expressing an opinion critical of Democrats moved into high gear recently with smear campaigns against Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, talk radio superstar Rush Limbaugh and conservative writer Ann Coulter. The playbook calls for taking a statement out of context and creating a phony controversy that their liberal allies of the Old Media accept at face value and parrot to unsuspecting news consumers.

Senate Democrats eagerly swallowed Media Matters’ phony claims about Limbaugh’s “phony soldier” comments. The fraudsters of the Hillary-Clinton-founded-George-Soros-funded “untruth squad” purposely mischaracterized Limbaugh’s discussion with a caller about Jesse Macbeth, a disturbed liar convicted for fraudulent John Kerryesque claims about U. S. troops committing war crimes in Iraq, in order to help Democrats gain back some ground lost as a result of the “General Betray-us” debacle.

I describe my own experience with Media Matters in my book, “The Great Media War: A Battlefield Report”. Media Matters generated the “Gannongate” controversy by attacking me for asking a single question to President Bush that criticized Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid and initiated the hateful smear campaign against me that soon followed.

From the chapter titled “Gannongate”:

The “scandal” that came to be known as “Gannongate” began because I violated the first rule of the White House press corps and liberals in general that required all reporters’ questions to a Republican president to be hostile, accusatory and based on Democratic talking points. When Rush Limbaugh singled me out for praise, he also focused the attention of his critics on me. Millions of Limbaugh’s admirers listened to his daily three-hour broadcasts, but some of his detractors heard the program as well. A liberal “media watchdog” group, Media Matters for America, swung into action when Limbaugh correctly claimed to have been the original source of the phrase “soup lines” contained in “The Question.”

Limbaugh’s considerable influence as the most prominent host in conservative-dominated talk radio made him a natural target of liberal groups like Media Matters. The organization articulated a mission to “monitor, analyze and correct, conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.” Its large research team and a network of liberal activists across the country watched newscasts to detect “conservative bias.”

After identifying what it considered conservative misinformation, Media Matters waged aggressive and shrill campaigns against programs, hosts and newscasters that allegedly transmitted it. Fox News talk show host Bill O’Reilly, a frequent Media Matters target, referred to the group as “hired guns,” “paid assassins,” “smear merchants,” and “despicable, vile ankle biters.” My experience with Media Matters validated those characterizations.

What mattered about Media Matters?

Continue reading "Media Matters Targets Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter"

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