Premier League - Noise League Table - Sunderland top

Eurosport - Fri, 26 Oct 12:42:00 2007

Who has the loudest fans in the Premier League? Sunderland roar to the top with Fulham sitting at the bottom.

FOOTBALL Sunderland Chairman Niall Quinn - 0

Decibel meter readings taken across home matches for all Premier League teams during August and September, showed that the loudest home crowd was on Wearside.

Average peak volume of the Sunderland crowd at home reaching 129.2 decibels louder than a rock concert (115 decibels) and almost as loud as an air raid siren/military jet (130 decibels).

As a volume of 110-115 decibels can cause hearing damage after just 15 minutes, football fans are being advised to wear ear protection if they want to hear the referees whistle clearly across their supporting career.

The findings are especially embarrassing for Arsenal and Manchester United, whose grounds dwarf the 49,000-seater Sunderland home ground by 11,000 and 21,000 seats respectively.

Quietest home fans were Fulham who could only muster an average maximum volume of 115.4 decibels at home.

And although not the loudest, Everton fans proved that they have the stamina to keep it up all match. Their chants were the most frequent (one every three minutes on average) and longest (52 seconds each on average) of all teams studied.

The ear-bending research was commissioned by 118118 who are searching for the best and loudest football chants in the country.

Decibel readings were taken across key points in each match players emerging from the tunnel, kickoff, when goals were scored, just after the start of the second half and the final five minutes of each game.

William Ostrom from 118 118 said: "Supporting your team is a loud business our researchers got quite an ear-bashing. But the power of the team chant is undeniable. Perhaps it's one of the reasons Sunderland got promotion last season."



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