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EMT-Basic Re-registration

Download a Re-registration Requirements Brochure

Applicant must:

1. Be actively working within an emergency medical service, rescue service, or patient health care facility using his/her EMT skills;

2. Complete all educational requirements prior to the March expiration date;

3. Complete the re-registration report in its entirety and submit completed report by the March expiration date; Note: Re-registration forms are mailed in November, prior to your expiration date. The forms must be postmarked no later than the March 31 expiration date.** EMTs requiring a National Registry card to work must submit re-registration materials to the NREMT by mid-February of the year of expiration date

4. Complete a state approved National Standard EMT-Basic Refresher course adhering to the 1994 DOT EMT Basic Curriculum;

5. Obtain CPR certification at the appropriate level current to your March expiration date;

6. Complete 48 hours of additional continuing EMS related education as outlined in this document.
**All continuing education hours, to include the refresher, must be completed within the current re-registration cycle. Education completed prior to your previous March expiration date will NOT be accepted. If this is your first re-registration, only education completed after the date of the initial registration will be accepted.

7. Maintain skills as verified by your Training Program, Director of Operations or Physician Medical Director. (Requires signature on your re-registration report validating competency of skills).

8. Submit re-registration fee of $15.00.

The National Registry reserves the right to investigate re-registration material at any time from the registrant. Registrants must retain verification of attendance of all education they acquire. Failure to submit education documentation when audited will result in denial of eligibility to reregister.

For complete Re-registration guidelines, download the Re-registration Requirements Brochure

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