life in a glasshouse

(la fillette revolutionnaire)

Being a mini-site concerned with essays, wonderings and speculations about the anime shoujo kakumei utena.

beware spoilers, consistently.
And, uh, beware pretension, too.

my version of the utena universe is a little, uh, odd, by anyone's standards: imagine the utenaverse as anyone else might see it, then imagine how that utenaverse might look if you were in the castle in the sky having tea and cookies with the shadowplay girls and looking down through distinctly strange rose-tinted lorgnettes at what's going on. that's pretty much what you should expect. plus a load of very bizarre and extremely unlikely, not to say whacked, decisions and assumptions.

the best site for utena canon is probably the utena encyclopedia, which is wonderful.
and this is the best site for utena uncanon! only not.


symbolism and meaning:

define revolution.
why "nanami's egg" is the most fundamental episode of all, really.
le petit prince: dios


character study:

flower girl: himemiya anthy
bishonen: tenjou utena
cherry bomb: kaoru kozue
vanishing point: ohtori akio



never growing up: princes and princesses
all the pretty flowers: duelists
we are the chick: the student council.


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