Hall of Fame Voting: Baseball Writers Elections

2006 Election

520 ballots cast, 390 votes needed for election.

Players must receive 75.0% of the vote or higher to be elected.

Name Votes PCT
Sutter, Bruce40076.9%
Rice, Jim33764.8%
Gossage, Rich33664.6%
Dawson, Andre31761%
Blyleven, Bert27753.3%
Smith, Lee23445%
Morris, Jack21441.2%
John, Tommy15429.6%
Garvey, Steve13526%
Trammell, Alan9217.7%
Parker, Dave7514.4%
Concepcion, Dave6512.5%
Mattingly, Don6412.3%
Hershiser, Orel5811.2%
Murphy, Dale5610.8%
Belle, Albert407.7%
Clark, Willie234.4%
Gooden, Dwight173.3%
McGee, Willie122.3%
Guillen, Ozzie51%
Morrison, Hank51%
Gaetti, Gary40.8%
Wetteland, John40.8%
Aguilera, Rick30.6%
Jefferies, Gregg20.4%
Jones, Doug20.4%
Weiss, Walt10.2%
DiSarcina, Gary00%
Fernandez, Alex00%