Tom SnydersTOM SNYDERS - "The Bicycling Comedian"

Of the thousands of customers we've met over the years, none have been more entertaining (literally) than Tom Snyders. A stand-up comic who rides a Cannondale T1000 from gig to gig, Tom uses his vagabond lifestyle as the central theme of his act. But it wasn't a conscious choice. His life on the road has been a dramatic one, and if drama has two faces-comedy and tragedy-then this comedian's unexpected transformation into a bike tourer is a tragic one. Tom was en route to a gig in Las Vegas when his '75 Buick LeSabre exploded in flames. Due at another appearance more than 1400 miles distant in Des Moines, Tom had little more than two weeks to find a way to get there. Engaging in a marathon poker session, Tom was down to $5 on two separate occasions before pulling out of the game with a hard-won $200. He took the small pot and bought an ancient ten-speed bicycle, setting out for Iowa the very next morning.

Two days shy of his destination, more tragedy struck. Word reached Tom that the club where he was booked had just burned to the ground. That was 1987. Obviously, such bad news didn't dissuade the comedian, 'cause more than 12 years later, he's still pedaling from gig to gig. In that time he's covered 100,000 miles, used up six bikes, and been hit by an elderly man driving a Mercedes. This last episode put him in the UCLA hospital where he spent three days in a coma and on a respirator. The broken bones he sustained took even longer to heal and, after eight months of physical therapy, he returned to continue touring the country on his bike. Tom's fifteen minutes of fame have included eight TV spots, including three on "Live with Regis and Kathy Lee", and spots on Comedy Central and ESPN. During the course of his adventure, Tom's specialty has been to take photographs of peculiar road signs and weave them into the text of his comedy. And until he settles down for good, "I will," he says in the words of Thoreau "continue to travel hopefully."

Claim To Fame:
Tom is a cycling comic who pedals his Cannondale touring bike from appearance to appearance.

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