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19 February, 2004 - Dreamfall continues the story of The Longest Journey

Oslo, Norway - February 18, 2004 - Funcom was recently awarded a grant from the Norwegian Film Fund to partially finance the development of Dreamfall, the long-awaited follow-up to The Longest Journey . The Norwegian government has, for the first time, actively endorsed game development, marking a welcome shift in the cultural acceptance of computer games as a medium comparable to film and television.

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27 February, 2003 - The Journey Continues

We're extremely happy to announce that hell has indeed frozen over, and that preproduction has finally begun on the second chapter in The Longest Journey saga!

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09 October, 2002 - Adventure Games Poll on Gamespot

Gamespot is currently running a poll on what adventure game people would most like to see a sequel to. if you would like to give your vote to The Longest Journey, you can do so here.

29 July, 2002 - The New Forums are Up!

The official "The Longest Journey" bulletin board is a great place for people with a common interest in "The Longest Journey" to share their love for the game, problems they've encountered, and experiences they've had. Often, if there's a problem you can't find the answer to on the website or in the FAQ, other players are able to help you through the forums. Click here to go directly to the forums.

29 July, 2002 - "The Longest Journey" is Back, Baby!

After selling an incredible 450,000 copies, having been translated into more languages than anyone could possibly need (except ancient Sumerian - we're still working on that one), and winning numerous cool awards - including Best Adventure Game from IGN and a Game of the Year award from GameSpot - a previously sold-out "The Longest Journey" now returns to North American stores...and to the web, through this completely redesigned (and very blue) official website. We are also aware that the forums on the old site were a little broken, and we are working on a brand new bulletin board. Enjoy!

04 April, 2001 - The Longest Journey Soundtrack Is Now Available

The soundtrack of The Longest Journey is now available on CD. Buy it from Europe or USA

12 February, 2001 - Vote For TLJ As Game of the Year

You can vote for TLJ as game of the year at Game Rankings. The game is also nominated at Global100 and Absolute Top 1900-2000, and your vote counts. You can vote for TLJ as Best Adventure Game of 2000 at IGN.

28 September, 2000 - Funcom Announces US Release of The Longest Journey

Funcom is proud to announce that its adventure title "The Longest Journey" will be coming to American stores in November 2000. The game has already received excellent reviews after its initial release in Europe, and Funcom is now hoping the game will attract a broad audience when it hits US stores before Christmas. Funcom will bring the game to the US market together with US distributor Tri Synergy. You can see the redesigned box in this picture.

06 June, 2000 - Solution for Sound Problem

Some people have experienced problems with the sound, causing the game to hang. A bright mind, Alex Tham, has found the solution! You can find the directions at the End of the Journey site. Thank you for the help, Alex!

03 May, 2000 - English Hints Added

The UK TLJ has been launched, and we're helpfully backing it up with a hints page in English.

14 April, 2000 - TLJ Trailer accepted at Siggraph

An 8 minute video with cuts from the FMV sequences of TLJ has been accepted for screening at the prestigous conference for graphic artists, Siggraph. This year it will be held in New Orleans, late July.

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10 April, 2000 - Official UK date: April 20th

Empire informs that The Longest Journey will be available in UK stores Thursday the 20th of April.

20 March, 2000 - German TLJ In Stores

TLJ is now available all over Germany, and the sell-in to stores have been massive. Egmont and Funcom have already started preparing for the second print.

15 February, 2000 - German release date March 20th

Egmont informs us that they will launch their game Monday the 20th of March. First print: 40 000 copies!

15 February, 2000 - German Going Gold

Whopee! The final localized version of TLJ is now complete and goes into duplication today.

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