The following text is the content of an e-mail sent by myself to Suzette the Whippette, Defender of the Goyim on Thursday 12th July, 2007. I have inserted in bracket italics, words that I should've included within the original text.

I have talked to Jamie and Nina via Skype.

Yes, I already know that you stupid bitch. As per usual, you tell me nothing that I don’t already know. 

I look forward to reading your public explanation of why and when you decided to stab Michael and I in the back and defect to the enemy camp. And after you made your announcement, you will be nuked. I trust that you have an adequate supply of duct-tape, because you are sure going to need it lady. 

I had lengthy conversations with them both separately and together. 

As friends and associates do. I trust that you recorded the conversations that you had with Crimes of Zion and A Possum Princess just as I suspect you secretly recorded the conversations you had with Michael and I. If so, and if any of these recordings are ever made public, then you will be asked to explain why you publicly asked Crimes of Zion for permission to record your conversation (which he refused), but did not seek the permission of Michael and I with regard to recording the conversations you held with us. 

They seem okay to me and are definitely not agents. 

So incredibly stupid are you Suzette, that you couldn’t even suss TomGoy yet here you are telling me that Crimes of Zion and A Possum Princess are “definitely” not agents for the sole reason that they “seem okay” to you. I care not what you think. Your thoughts are but a cork floating on the sea of inconsequence. Please spare me your thoughts. Keep them to yourself. 

Why don't you talk to them so that you can get a vibe on them? 

I do not hold conversations with my enemies unless it is to discuss the terms of their surrender. Your new friend Crimes of Zion declared war on me. Remember? What a short memory you have Suzette, how fickle you are. 

As you know, Steve has talked to them. 

Yes, I know. But despite Michael and I wishing to speak with Poseidon, he prefers to talk with Crimes of Zion and A Possum Princess 

Mike Hamme has not talked to them.  

I’m delighted to hear that Mike Hamme has more sense than you. That said, if Mike was a complete and utter imbecile, he’d still be much smarter than you. 

He wasn't home when I was Skyping with them. 

Which logically means he was out. 

While I have no issues with Mike, and like the guy, Mike is, however, an associate of yours. In view of this, I felt compelled to delete him from my list of SKYPE contacts. From this point on, I speak only with Michael. I trust Michael implicitly – one hundred per cent. I would trust him with my life. I cannot say the same of you Suzette. I never trusted you fully. Now I don’t trust you at all. 

Don’t worry though, I won’t be spending weeks on end posting contrived, melodramatic messages on Wake Up From Your Slumber complaining of how you my “good friend” and “ally” have “betrayed” me. Like Infensus Mentis, Suzette The Whippette, The Defender Of The Goyim was were never my good friend, Like Infensus Mentis, Suzette The Whippette, The Defender Of The Goyim was nothing other than an Internet contact with whom I have had no association outwith cyberspace. And Like Infensus Mentis, Suzette The Whippette, The Defender Of The Goyim got binned. Remember that Suzette. I binned you. 

Jamie and Nina are not all those other people that you and Jim claim they are. 

How do you know? Michael and I have produced a plethora of evidence that says they are, with mountains more yet to come. You don’t (know) the half of it. You were told what only what was felt you should know. Your treachery serves only to confirm that it was wise to not make you privy to all the information and evidence that Michael and I have at our disposal. 

Michael and I stand by our research and the evidence we have presented. We will expand upon what has already been made public. As I say, you don’t know the half of it. There is more yet to come – a lot of more. Indeed, so much evidence have we have amassed that it has become an onerous task collating it and writing a report on it. You will choke on your words Suzette. I promise you – I give you my word. 

So then Suzette, where is your evidence that Michael and I got it all wrong? What research have you done to counter the evidence that we have presented? Where is your research? Put up or shut-up. 

You have no hard evidence. 

How do you know what evidence Michael and I have? As I say, you are so far out of the loop that you were barely in it in the first place. 

And remember, when I pointed out that Nina's and Gina's ears are totally different (Nina having unattached earlobes, Gina having attached earlobes; and the shape and size of the ears is not the same), you said "it matters not".  

You still don’t get it you stupid cow, do you? Click on the image and take a long, hard look.

Which is Nina? Does Nina number one look exactly like Nina number six? Does Nina number two bear a striking resemblance to Nina number seven? Nina number six and Nina number seven do, however, look remarkably similar. The only problem is that Nina number seven is not Nina. Nina number seven is Gina. Have you got it yet Suzette? Has the penny dropped? Go figure. 

It does matter, because it prooves that they are different women! 

Once again, take a look at the seven Ninas pictured above. Are you publicly prepared to state on the front page of PlanetQuo.Com that you believe Ninas 1-6 are the same woman. If so, write a brief article stating your case, and I will publish. If you are not prepared to do this, then consider shutting your mouth as an alternative. 

When you do your groundwork in your travels throughout Australia, you could go to Perth and check out Jamie Linton and Brendon O'Connell. 

As far as I am aware, Michael does not travel. He did in his younger days, but since he is now a married man in his forties, he has done all his traveling and has no desire to do any more. Why don’t you take a trip across to Los Angeles and check-our Eireann Goddess? Nina lives not far from you. You could have a photograph taken together. Until such times, kindly refrain from dispensing unsolicited advice. Your opinion is inconsequential as far as Michael and I are concerned. 

And why all this delay in really going after Daryl, but most especially Eric? 

Smith and Hufschmid will be dealt with when Michael and I are ready to deal with them. If our strategy is not your satisfaction, then why don’t YOU go after them? You are, after all, Suzette the Whippette. Why not go whip ‘em good instead of asking me questions to which you have no right to expect an answer. 

If anyone is an agent, it would be Eric. 

Just a few paragraphs (ago) you were speaking of “hard evidence” If you believe Hufschmid to be such an obvious agent, then why not write an article wherein you provide “hard evidence” in substantiation of your theory? If you were to spend less on chatting to people via SKYPE, Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger, and if you were to spend more time doing some useful research, then you might just be able to produce some written work that people might want to read. I won’t be holding my breath though. 

Or perhaps, as some have thought, Daryl and Eric are not agents, but simply want to be number one in the 911 truth movement and are somewhat paranoid. 

What truth movement is this that you speak of Suzette? The 9-11 truth is a mish-mash of intelligence operatives, shills, useful idiots, a few honest researchers and some concerned citizens. Most of the useful idiots whom I have encountered have all been encountered via MySpace. I do believe that is how I became acquainted with Suzette The Whippette, The Defender Of The Goyim. The 9-11 ‘truth’ movement is so divided and infiltrated that is wholly ineffective. That is why it was created in the first place stupid. You have much to learn to Suzette. You cannot even figure-out an idiot like Tom Goy without my input, yet here you are waxing lyrical about what you think might be Smith and Hufschmid’s raison d,etre. Get a clue Suzette. 

Smith doesn’t do any research, and having gained 'credibility' via his book and video, Daryl’s webmaster’s contribution vis a vis 9-11 since, is negligible. Eric prefers to talk about the Apollo moon-landings and cow sperm than the twin towers these days. 

Eric certainly does attack a lot of people and tries to start fights. 

Yes, I had noticed. Your new friends and associates, Crimes of Zion and A Possum Princess, share Eric’s penchant. 

Maybe this attacking is just an attempt to eliminate the "competition". 

Competition? What competition? With whom are Smith and his webmaster supposedly competing? You make Smith and Hufschmid sound like a pair of Mafia gangsters vying with others for control of some lucrative market. Are you suggesting that they Attack Jones because he sells more 9-11 videos than Eric does? Are Daryl and Eric planning a hit on Albert Pastore because his much-more informative (book) sells more copies than Hufschmid’s? 

And as I know firsthand, Daryl and Eric are somewhat lacking in honesty, and are rather loose with the truth. 

Yes, Smith and Hufschmid are proven liars with no integrity. For you to say that the gruesome twosome “are rather loose with the truth” is akin to telling me that George W. Bush is a bit of an idiot or that with Crimes of Zion and A Possum Princess are a bit of a Zionist front. 

You are not exactly a model of integrity yourself Suzette. Go take a look in the mirror. And after you have finished gazing at your own reflection, then go fuck yourself. I want nothing more to do with you. 

Don’t ever contact me again Suzette. Understood?

Jim Kerr