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Video From Cameras Inside School To Be Reviewed

Schools' CEO To Present New Security Plan

POSTED: 12:28 pm EDT October 11, 2007
UPDATED: 1:36 pm EDT October 11, 2007

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath said that Asa Coon went to Success Tech High School on Wednesday and immediately went to a fourth-floor bathroom.

He said the 14-year-old changed his clothes and removed two guns from a duffle bag � a .22-caliber gun and a .38-calliber gun � and left the bathroom.

Coon encountered a student in the hallway with whom he had a conversation before going to a specific classroom to shoot a teacher, the chief said. He said that Coon had a conversation with teacher Michael Grassie before shooting him.

Coon was on his way to look for another teacher when he fired more rounds, including one that hit math teacher David Kachadourian who was helping students get away, he said.

Kachadourian, 57, made it to the third floor, where he was treated, officials said.

Emergency officials said a school security officer saved the life of Grassie, 42. He was able stop the bleeding and stabilize Grassie until help could arrive.

When police arrived, they found Coon dead on the fourth floor. Officers recovered the two weapons, two boxes of ammunition and three tactical folding knives, McGrath said.

Officers also came across two teachers and 12 students who were still locked in the library.

McGrath said it will be a lengthy investigation. There are several witnesses. Officials will be reviewing videotape from cameras inside the school.

Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms agents will be looking into where the guns came from. The weapons are said to be older guns.

Since October 2006, McGrath said there have been 15 incidents at school that police have recorded. The only weapon included a bb gun. Other incidents included assaults and silent 911 calls.

He also said that police had been to Coon's house five times since 2006. They were called there in connection with domestic violence, property crimes, assault and a hit-and-run skip accident. McGrath also said Coon's brother was taken into juvenile custody on Monday.


Students Michael Peek, 15, and Darnell Rodgers, 18, were taken to hospitals with gunshot wounds. Rodger was treated and released Wednesday. Peek was in good condition at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital. He is expected to be released Thursday.

Kachadourian was treated and released Wednesday from MetroHealth Medical Center. He was shot in the shoulder.

Grassie underwent nearly two hours of surgery and is expected to be in the hospital for a week. Doctors said he will make a full recovery.

Trinnetta McGrady, 14, injured her knee and back falling down a staircase and was trampled by other students fleeing the gunfire. She was expected to be released from the hospital Thursday.

Security Plan

Cleveland Metropolitan Schools CEO Eugene Sanders told Mayor Frank Jackson that he will have safety and security plan, as well as a human-relations plan for the school system by noon on Friday.

It will include what devices and security measures are needed to protect students in schools, like metal detectors.

There will also be a new plan on how school officials will interact with students and to be able to spot problems and red flags.

After it is given to the mayor, officials said, it will be presented to the community.


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