Medals of Freedom Awarded With Distinction

Presidential Medals of Freedom Awarded With Distinction*

Criteria For Inclusion

The following page contains the List of Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. Though the presence of a recipient's name on the list establishes that the award was made "with Distinction," the absence of a recipient's name from the list does not establish that the President did not intend the award to be made "with Distinction." Uncertainty exists because the degree of the medal actually presented has not always matched the degree of the contemporaneously presented certificate or the President's remarks and papers concerning the award. Though some individuals omitted from this list may have received the 3-inch medallion for the Presidential Medal of Freedom "with Distinction" or a certificate indicating an award made "with Distinction," recipients of thePresidential Medal of Freedom have been listed here only if Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents, or the author's copy of the Presidential Medal of Freedom certificate signed by the President indicates that the award was made "with Distinction."
Recipient President Date
Acheson, Dean Johnson 9/14/64
Aldrin, Edwin E., Jr. Nixon 8/13/69
Armstrong, Neil A. Nixon 8/13/69
Bruce, David K.E. Ford 2/10/76
Bunche, Ralph J. Kennedy 12/6/63
Bunker, Ellsworth (1st Award) Kennedy 12/6/63
Bunker, Ellsworth (2nd Award) Johnson 12/23/67
Clifford, Clark M. Johnson 1/20/69
Collins, Michael Nixon 8/13/69
Conant, James B. Kennedy 12/6/63
Frankfurter, Felix Kennedy 12/6/63
Graham, Martha Ford 10/14/76
Harriman, W. Averell Johnson 1/20/69
Lovett, Robert A. Kennedy 12/6/63
McCloy, John J. Kennedy 12/6/63
Monnet, Jean Kennedy 12/6/63
Muñoz-Marín, Luis Kennedy 12/6/63
Murrow, Edward R. Johnson 9/14/64
Reagan, Ronald Bush 1/13/93
Rubinstein, Arthur Ford 4/1/76
Rusk, Dean Johnson 1/16/69
Vinson, Carl Johnson 9/14/64
Weinberger, Caspar W. Reagan 11/17/87